Go On A Family Vacation To The Great Wolf Lodge - Part 2- The Water Park

Yesterday I showed you how amazing the rooms at Great Wolf Lodge are. Today I'll share all the fun that the Water Park has to offer. The Water Park has something for every age group. There are several activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

With 19 huge slides, 6 pools (including a wave pool), giant water fort, a lazy river and more, it's a howlin' good time for the whole family. And, as if that weren't enough, we've got a 60,000-sq.-ft. outdoor waterpark (weather permitting).

You can't officially check into your room until about 4:00pm on the day of your arrival, but you can show up at 1:00pm to get your water park wrist bands and go on down to have fun. You can take a small bag packed with bathing suits and change in the bathrooms that they provide. There are lockers to keep your bags or anything else that you want to keep tucked away until your room is available. The Water Park is 84 degrees so you stay warm and cozy while enjoying everything that they offer.

We got to Great Wolf Lodge a little after 2 and our room was ready. We ran to our room and changed into our swim wear. You don't have to worry about bringing towels because they are provided downstairs at the entrance of the water park. They also have tons of life vests available for children to wear. We didn't have one on Evan at the beginning, but he kept wanting to get in the deeper water of the tide pool.

Beaver Tail Lake
With waves as high as 3 feet tall, your kids will think they're in the ocean -- and so will you! Grab an inner tube and bob up and down with the crests of the waves, or body surf to "shore" with the kids. High tide comes every 10 minutes. The gigantic wave pool also features zero-depth entry to delight our smaller guests and goes as deep as 5 feet.

This was the tide pool(AKA Beaver Tail Lake). That is Evan in the front center sporting his life jacket. The tide pool would be calm for a few minutes and then the waves would start. You would hear squeals when they started.

This is a different view of the tide pool when the waves were going.

Fort Mackenzie
Another activity that all age groups could enjoy was Fort Mackenzie.

Fort Mackenzie is a four-story interactive treehouse water fort offering 12 levels of super-soaking fun for the family. Younger kids can climb with their parents to reach the slides at the top. The older ones will love making their way over suspension bridges and cargo nets to spray stations and soaker buckets. (Watch out below!) The grand daddy of soaker buckets is the 1,000-gallon tipper that sits atop Fort Mackenzie. Every few minutes, the warning bell clangs, and the bucket begins to tip its contents over the roof and onto the giggling group below.

The huge bucket of water was starting to fall in this picture. Families started racing over to stand under it as soon as the warning bell would start to ring.

Here is a picture of everyone getting soaked underneath.

Here are the slides on the side of the fort.

Cub Paw Pool
Toddlers and small children have their own water park/pool. This is a shot I got from one of the floors while looking out the window. In addition to the tide pool and several water slides, you can see the Cub Paw Pool and slides(sorry that it's blurry-I should have had my ISO higher). The toddler area is in the bottom corner. It is completely enclosed by a gate and the latch is on the very top. It took me a few seconds to realize how to open it(someone actually had to open it for me the first time-completely child/adult proof).

There were several things for the kids to sit and play on. Most of the toys could squirt water as well. You can see two of the slides in the background of this picture.

Here is a picture of Evan coming down the biggest slide in the toddler area.

Isabella got in on the fun too. She loved watching all of the other kids playing.

Water Slides
There were several water slides for adults/larger kids. Our favorite was the Howlin Tornado. Up to 4 of us could ride at a time and we kept taking turns. The line was a little longer for this one, but it was the most thrilling. You drop down a 6 story funnel and swish and slide 30 feet up the sides of it. Here is the picture on the website.

Here is a picture of where you end up.

This is River Canyon Run. Four of us could ride on it as well. It came out beside the Howlin Tornado(pictured above).

Another favorite was the Mountain Edge Raceway. Four of us could race each other going down a 4-story slide on our stomachs. Here is what it looks like. Do you see the stairs in the back to the side? That is where we went up to get to all of the 4 larger slides.

This is a random shot of my brother and sister coming down along with two strangers.

Chinook Cove Activity Pool
Get into the hoopla with a little water basketball with the kids. Let them test their balance along a floating "snake" or just goof around (safely, of course!) in this 4.5-foot-deep recreation pool.

Here is Evan swimming around in the pool. He also liked taking the balls and shooting them into the hoops.

This is Big Foot Pass where smaller children can hop from one lily pad to the other, or larger children/adults can hang on to the netting above to scoot across. We got a good laugh watching each other trying to go across.

There were so many things to do in the water park. There were life guards everywhere and they did a great job at watching everyone and blowing their whistles if someone was doing something that they shouldn't.

We went back to the water park the next morning as well. You have to be checked out of your room by 11:00am, but you can take some clothes down to the water park area and stay for the rest of the day.

To see more and learn everything that the Water Park has to offer, check out Great Wolf Lodge. Stay tuned for my 3rd and final post on Great Wolf Lodge-other activities and dining.

Don't forget to read my first post. Go On A Family Vacation To The Great Wolf Lodge - Part 1- The Room

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you so much to Great Wolf Lodge for providing us with a complimentary night to stay and experience all that they have to offer.

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Andrea said...

If I'd known you were so close I would have gone up to see you! :-)

I've never been to GWL, but it looks awesome! When Evan is older we'll have to take him.

Joy said...

We have a GWL near us and we definitely want to go some time!!! Looks like yours is a blast!

Mighty M said...

We have one about 3 hours away and Mickey has taken the girls there the past 2 summers. This year I think we will all go.

Looks like a fun time!!

Tricia said...

fun Fun looks like a blast

Lady V dZine said...

That water park looks like so much fun!

Felicia said...

We could SO use a vacation.. and this looks like fun!

Jenna said...

Wow...that looks like so much fun! It looks a lot bigger than the indoor water park we recently went to. Next time we'll have to look into The Great Wolf Lodge!

Katie said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun!! We have one really close to us, and I never knew it was so great!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Isn't it awesome!!! We've gone two times and the Cole and Rick just LOVED it, me don't do bathsuits ... LOL

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