DVD: Go Diego Go: Lion Cub Rescue

Evan is a huge Go Diego Go! fan. He sings and dances along to the theme song and even has a Diego blanket that he has to sleep with every night.

Nickelodeon sent us Go Diego Go: Lion Cub Rescue.

It’s a big cat adventure! When Diego, Baby Jaguar and Daddy Lion head out to Lion Cub’s party, they discover some little lions in trouble. With Diego and Daddy Lion’s help, we save a Baby Lion stuck on a broken branch; we use our lion claws to rip Cousin Lion out of an animal trap; and we find Sister Lion who’s hiding in the tall grass. This adventure, plus three additional episodes, adds up to over an hour and a half of Diego fun!

Other Episodes Include:
-Diego's Ringed Seal Rescue: It's an adventure in the Arctic when Diego needs to bring a baby ringed seal back to the Ringed Seal Rescue Home!

-Diego Reunites Hippopotamus And Oxpecker: Hippopotamus is moving to a new home at Hippo Lake, but he needs help from Diego and you to rescue his "symbiotic" friend Oxpecker, who's stuck back at the old river!

-Diego's Orangutan Rescue: When playful Baby Orangutan gets taken away in a canoe by a rapid river in Borneo, Diego needs to team up with Big Sister Orangutan and you to save him.

Evan would watch this DVD several times a day if I let him. Diego is always energetic and keeps children entertained. In the midst of all the excitement, Diego is also teaching children about different animals and their environment.

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Go Diego Go: Lion Cub Rescue was released in January and is available for $13.49.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may very from others. Thank you to Paramount/Nickelodeon who supplied the product for review.

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Jo Shabo said...

hi! I have an award for you on my blog! :)


Elie said...

Good review. My daughter loves Diego and Dora. I may add this to her Bday list.

Katrina said...

My daughter loves Diego too, maybe a little too much, she wants to marry him! EEK. But this looks like a great gift for her, thanks for sharing!!

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