Cuisinart Elite Collection™ 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder

I am on a quest to make our family more healthy. I'm cooking more at home and I'm making all of Isabella's baby food.

Cuisinart has a large variety of products to make these goals easier. As their website states, Cuisinart is a full-service culinary resource with a wide array of products, preferred by chefs and favored by consumers. They have received several awards and have become a favorite household name.

Cuisinart sent me the Elite Collection™ 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder.

More convenient than ever, the Cuisinart Elite Collection™ 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder effortlessly handles a variety of food preparation tasks such as chopping, grinding, and puréeing. The SmartPower™ blade has a patented auto-reversing ability with a sharp edge for delicate chopping and puréeing soft foods, while the blunt edge grinds through spices and harder foods. Additionally, the revolutionary BladeLock System feature keeps the blade secure during processing and pouring. It’s cutting-edge food prep from Cuisinart!

As soon as I received the 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder, I knew it would be a great help when making our meals and baby food. I was a little unsure of how I was supposed to use it and have stuck by the guidelines in the instruction manual. It includes a chart with different technique to use with each type of food and other notes to keep in mind.

It is the perfect size for prepping meals. It doesn't take up much space and has provided me with the resources I need to get meals done faster. The instructions even include several great recipes such as Mango Salsa which is super delicious!

In this series of pictures I was using apples to make Isabella's baby food. First I peeled and cut the apples up into small pieces and boiled them until tender.

I placed the cooked apples into the work bowl. I was sure not to fill it more than 2/3 of the way full so that it would work efficiently.

I snapped the lid into place and hit the chop button a few times to pulse it as the directions stated.

There are two convenient holes at the top which are perfect for pouring water or other liquids in. I poured some of the water that I was using to boil the apples to get the consistency that I wanted. I was sure to only pour in one hole because the other must be open at all times.

I then held the chop button down and processed it until it was the right consistency.

The Elite Collection™ 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder has come in handy while making so many meals. I've already used it to make bread crumbs, graham cracker crust, and to chop onions. The chopper will help cut down prep time tremendously. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to cook more efficiently.

Be sure to visit Cuisinart to view all of their other amazing products.

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You can purchase the Cuisinart Elite Collection™ 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder for $59.95.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to Cuisinart who supplied the product for review.

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Gemini Girl said...

ooh! Me want this!

Carrie said...

Looks like a handy little kitchen tool. Thanks for letting us know about it!

Sam and His Parents (Angie and Brian) said...

I use our 3 cup chopper to make all of my son's food. I just love it.

The Cohen's said...

We have an 8 cup chopper by Cuisinart and I LOVE it. We used it to make all of our sons babyfood, it's great for salsa and anything else you can imagine!

Eileen said...

My mom would love this! She has trouble now chopping veggies and fruits and is our family's BEST interest to keep her cooking...she's the BEST cook ever!!!
Mother's DAy?


sharonjo said...

Your little one is very lucky--homemade applesauce is so good! Great review. Now I want one of these!

Uttara said...

What a great kitchen tool to prepare babies food! I would love to have one.

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