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Babies are really messy eaters. Evan is 2 1/2 and can still be messy when eating. I used to want to hose him down after meals when he was learning to feed himself.

Baggino introduced me to their learner's Bibs last May. Baggino's mission is to design products that make everyday life easier for parents. They have a selection of one of a kind diaper bags, bibs, and accessories that were designed by a mom and dad who travel everywhere with their two small children.

Baggino sent us their new Design Learner’s Bib for Isabella.

Just like the Classic Learner's Bib, it is a one size fits all and is perfect for babies and toddlers. It features long sleeves to keep baby's arms clean and an extra long front to keep food off of their clothes. There is a Velcro closure in the back and elastic sleeves to ensure the perfect fit.

I chose the Peaceful Pink design, but it is also available in Sweetie Pie Cupcake and Hot for Dots. As you all know, I'm all about anything that I can girlify my child with. The Peaceful Pink Design Bib is extremely practical and functions the same as the Classic Learner's Bib, but it allows me to indulge in my pink, girly obsession.

Evan is 2 1/2 and still wears his Learner's bib. The sleeves are starting to get a little short on him, but it is perfect for when he's eating a super messy meal or painting a masterpiece for my refrigerator. We've had this bib for almost a year and the picture below is from today. I am amazed that it is white and he hasn't completely destroyed it. The bib always comes clean. If you're looking for a bib that gives maximum coverage with a great sense of style, the Design Learner's Bib is perfect.

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You can purchase the Design Learner's Bib for $15.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to Baggino who supplied the product for the review.

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Jenna said...

We love our learner's bib too! Their new design is really cute!

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