Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro

My computer crashed a few weeks ago and I lost some of the programs that I had on it. The photo editing software that I had was Paint Shop Pro. It was hard for me to learn and I never found a good tutorial in it so I never used it much. Since my aunts knew that I couldn't find my software for it, they got me Paint Shop Pro Ultimate PHOTO x2 for Christmas.

Before they got that for me, I was thinking of trying Photoshop. I've heard so many of you talk about how wonderful it was, so I thought I'd give it a shot instead of Paint Shop Pro.

So now I need your help. Should I stick with PSP or take it back and get Photoshop instead? I've asked on twitter and facebook, but am getting mixed suggestions.

ALSO, do you have any good websites with tutorials for either of them? How did you learn how to use them? Any help would be great-I have a fantastic camera, I just need to learn how to use photo editing software!

These are the two that I'm thinking about.

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2


Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

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Luv2CUSmile said...

My choice if I could have just one is Photoshop! I am still learning a lot of things about it but have been using it for over a year now. That and Adobe CS4. I have both paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. I use for graphics and pics and I find I don't use Paint Shop Pro anymore at all. PhotoShop has a learning curve but there are so many free tuts on line as well as pod casts etc that you can watch and get all the little technique secrets. Plug ins, apps, etc galore!
Whether you are editing pics or doing graphics - even moveable- Photoshop is the one!
Good Luck!

Working Mommy said...

I am an Adobe fan...which would lead me to the Photoshop. I don't have any good tutorials - though I'm sure one would be easy to find...I just got frustrated and played around with things enough that it just did what I wanted. Not the most effective way - but it worked.


collyn23 said...

Me and my husband are big fans of Paint Shop pro which pretty much does everything photo shop does but easier. I have had photo shop and it is pretty hard to learn and i still cant figure it all out i use paint shop pro alot with my photography business it is awesome and so easy it is amazing the things you can do with it for half the price of photo shop. here is a link to lots of tutorials they probably have some for photo shop too but I truely love this one better and so does my hubby

Anonymous said...

I have Photoshop Elements 6 and the earliest version of Photoshop CS. I bought books for both. I also googled tutorials. One other thing that has helped... watching videos on YouTube with step-by-step instructions. I pick something I want to learn and search for it on YouTube. It gets easier with each thing you know.

Heidi V said...

I have used all three programs I like Elements the best. I like the cloning tool for photo manipulation makes it really easy. The only thing I wished Elements has was the capture feature PSP has and the web tools that Photoshop has. Elements has a lot of photo tools for cleaning up an image and I love using styles on fonts you can find alot of resources and help at

Sheryl said...

I would vote for Photoshop. You can find tutorials at or you do have to pay for these.
Otherwise if you are looking for some free software that you can do online, look at these



I personally haven't used any of these, I just know they are out there. You can also use for some free things to do online.
Hope that wasn't as clear as mud for you! Good luck.

Manic Mother said...

I have PS Elements and CS3, I would go for photoshop. Elements has more than enough to edit pictures beautifully, if you are looking into really getting into it, splurge and get CS4. I can also tell you where to find some sites for PS help, email me if you would like to know more

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

I'm a Paint Shop Pro girl and I wouldn't trade it. :)

Stefany said...

I have the Photoshop you showed and a version of PSP. Personally, I still prefer the PSP.

toxicpuree said...

I prefer Paintshop

bigguysmama said...

I've been trying to figure this out for years and have never purchased softwared because of the amount of dough I'd have to drop. The Pioneer Woman is fantastic about discussing how she uses hers on her site. She has amazing photos and explains it all so well. It all totally baffles me so much I may never even purchase any of it. I'd probably have to take a class! :)

Good luck on your choice!

Mimi @ Woven by Words

bigguysmama said...

I forgot to ask if anyone has opinions on Corel in this category.


Just Playin' said...

My art/photography teacher swears by LightRoom over all the others.

Candy said...

I've been making graphics for ten years, and I started on Paint Shop Pro. PSP doesn't come with an animation program anymore(that I know of) and Photoshop elements doesn't either.

I have CS4 and its way too much for my needs. I don't need all the bundles of software they are useless. The number one reason I like CS$ is actions. When you are running a ton of photos actions just help things out.

My FAVORITE straight photo touch up program of all is Adobe Lightroom. That one is fast and can cut the work load way down if you take a tons of pics.

No matter how you slice it, PSP is easier to learn than adobe. And Elements is virtually the same as PSP X2 right down to having a cloning tool (all versions have always had this) and teeth whiteners. PSP even has a nifty spray tan feature, LOL

I am upgrading my camera next month and getting Paint Shop Pro too. Actually if you go to the Corel site right now, they have PSP X2 for $50 but it only lasts until the 31st!

Nutty Mom said...

I had corel paint shop before I switched to a mac and I loved it. I photograph professionally and it did everything I needed it to. And it was super easy to use. Just search youtube for tutorials, I found plenty.

LeAnn said...

I have photoshop elements and I love it even though I'm still learning the ropes. I've found lots of free online tutorials on site like (which occasionally offers free classes too). Good luck with the decision.

Heather said...

This is the never ending digital scrapbooking debate. LOL I'm a scrapper and a designer and I use PSP. I can say I've got Photoshop Elements 5 on my computer, it came with my tablet, but after using PSP since version 7, I must have a mindblock because I can't figure it out. It feels like a bunch of extra steps to me to do things that I can do in one in PSP. And myself and a bunch of other designers will argue that we can make PSP do anything that PS can do.

If you stick with PSP, email me and I'll get you a coupon to my store for some of my PSP photo scripts. It's the least I can do for all the giveaways you run for us. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been using Paint Shop Pro for years. Though I don't know everything about it yet, I love using it.

*Mirage* said...

Well I don't know anything about Paint Shop Pro, but I have worked with Adobe Photoshop before and it was good.

EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

I'm a paint shop pro fan. I have only ever delt with photoshop at school in my yearbook/publications classes but it seemed way more complicated to do the simplist things!

I have paint shop pro photox2 and I love it for what I do, which is just normal photo stuff for my facebook, and then taking pictures for my etsy shop - which have to be well colored/lit and stuff. psppx2 has a really easy to use automatic white balance feature which works WONDERS for making the colors look exactly like they do in real life which is super important for my etsy shop.

However, when I'm trying to learn something new it is harder to find tutorials for paint shop pro products, I think just becuase they aren't used as often as photoshop is.

I use deviantart to find tutorials for paint shop pro. :)

Luv2CUSmile said...

Dee, I am not sure which version of PhotoShop you downloaded or what you were buying...
here are a few of mine that are beginner type sites all the way to advanced- Some are specific to CS3 or CS4 and some are basic but all are useful- I have been looking to teach myself a specific technique so some pages may open to that technique but browse! Browse, browse, browse- so much in so many of these!

I have loads others and these are not in any specific order-
Have fun!! Let me know if you need more or help on something specific. If I can't help I can find what you need- I am a master searcher! LOL

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for some decent (and free) alternatives to Photoshop, both slim installs and more comprehensive solutions read this post here -

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