Isabella At 4 Months

I was pretty slack this month. Isabella turned 4 months on December 5th, and I just got her into a 4 month doctor appointment last week.

She's still long and skinny. At 4 1/2 months, she weighed in at 11 pounds, 12 ounces(8%) and was 25 3/4 inches tall(90%). I was/am a little worried about her head because it is only 15 1/4"(8%). They even checked it three times to make sure. The doctor said that developmentally, Isabella is perfectly fine, so it should be OK.

We decided to start her on baby cereal to try and fatten her up a little bit. Friday night was the first time she had cereal and at first she made a face and spit it out. After a few minutes she would reach for the spoon and try to get it in her mouth herself. She would still push it out with her tongue, but that is just part of learning to eat.

She went through a week or two where she was waking up 2 times at night, but now she's back to sleeping most of the night. She goes down around 9:30pm and wakes up at 6am to eat, then goes back to sleep until 10-11am.

She rolls all over the house and takes it all in. She's starting to play with toys(AKA chew on them) and will scoot herself to get closer to whatever she wants to put in her mouth. If she gets too close to one of Evan's toys, he'll go and say "NO baby, mine!". I tell him he needs to share and he'll usually put it back down on the floor and show her how to play with it.

She's my little thumb sucker. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that when she gets older. As soon as she starts to get a little fussy, she'll stick her thumb right in her mouth. My mom calls her the Simpson baby, but instead of the paci, it's her thumb.

She's very mild mannered and will always go along with the flow. She almost never cries. The only time you hear from her is if she's really sleepy or hungry. Usually if she's sleepy she'll just put her thumb in her mouth and put herself to sleep.

Just for comparison and so I have it recorded somewhere else, Evan was 12 pounds, 15 ounces and 25 1/2 inches long at 4 months.

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Michelle said...

She is so cute! You just make tall, skinny babies!

Six Feet Under Blog said...

She's so cute!

shopannies said...

Dee she is adorable

Carrie said...

She's beautiful! Glad her appointment went well. Vivian's a thumb sucker too- it's nice to not have to search for a dropped paci all the time!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

She is too cute...and she looks alot like Evan in that picture! Except for the bow!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh she's so sweet, Dee - and growing so fast! :)

Hannah was my thumb-sucker. So easy because you never lose it and she can always stick it back in there herself to self-soothe. However, we're now at age 7 and still sucking said thumb (at least to fall asleep)... Sigh.

alissa4illustration said...

Both of my kids had/have small heads. They are long and skinny to. I wouldn't worry about the head size thing, unless she did show signs of being behind.

The doctors have to watch my youngest head size a lot because he had meningitis at 2 months. He's been fine!

Pumpkin Bear said...

I love baby updates! Your daughter is adorable. I wish my daughter slept as well as yours does! Do you have a secret?

Mighty M said...

Thanks for the update - she is so teeny! And SUPER cute! ;)

Kati said...

She is just adorable.. my daughter was very long and skinny... with a small head.. and still is. My son on the other hand is a monster in comparison. They weigh practically the same. Caeden is 13 months and weighs 25 lbs and Serenity is 3.5 years and weighs 27 lbs.

Krystyn said...

She is a tall skinny baby:)

If you are trying to fatten her up (Izzy was only 13 pounds at 6 months) I would try avocado. It has a lot more calories and fat than baby cereal. Baby cereal is just a filler and has far fewer calories than breast milk or formula. You can also add olive oil and butter to her cereal if you want to stick with that.

I was just confused why the doctor (mine too) said cereal, so I asked, and they said you don't have to do cereal first, whatever you want to try is fine, just wait to make sure there are no allergies.

(Just giving my unsolicited opinion, not being critical or anything like that!)

Qtpies7 said...

What a qtpie!
Do you nurse her? If you nurse, you can take fennel and make your milk more creamy to fatten her up!

Working Mommy said...

Our babe is 5 months - almost 6 - and she is way small for her age worries!! She'll get bigger!


Anonymous said...

she is beautiful!
polly said...

Since Evan was pretty small, too, I think its very normal for her to be tiny. You just have small ones. There will always be someone at the top of the charts and someone at the bottom, thats just the way it is! Mine was just an ounce under 20 lbs at her 4 month appointment so she has the top end covered for you!

Eileen said...

You have beautiful children who are just need to "grow into themselves". My kids were all so---robust shall I say??!!! Now my first 3 are older and my 22 year old is the teeniest little thing...barely a 100 lbs soaking wet. They will be what they will be, and as long as they are healthy and OBVIOUSLY meeting their milestones...then NO worries!!
BUT, we all do dont we!!! Motherhood...the hardest job you'll ever love!

ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

Sharon said...

She is so beautiful!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

It is crazy how different each baby can be! Brooke was always the same as Isabella is... Tall and skinny. Still is 4 years later, and I anticipate she always will be.
She is beautiful! You're lucky that she's such a good baby!

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