Head Over To Savvy Source And List Your Giveaways!

I want to introduce you to The Savvy Source, a new website for parents. I was delighted when The Savvy Source asked me to be part of their launch. I decided the first group that I would create is Got Giveaways.

So many of you have your own giveaways and are always looking for new places to promote them. The Savvy Source just launched today and will be great for networking with other parents.

Come on over and check out Got Giveaways along with all of the other groups and resources available!

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Beth said...

Hey Dee,
I joined and tried to add my giveaway to your page...am I suppose to do that? Confused? There is not option to make a link in the comment. also I don't want to junk up your discussion board if its not for other bloggers to list their giveaways..let me know

Dee said...

Absolutely Beth! There is no way to mess it up right now-it's brand new. Go ahead and open your own conversation like you did-that's perfect! You can list them all in the same conversation if you'd like, or separately.

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