Scooby-Doo! First Frights Wii Game

Do you have any Scooby Doo fans at your house? My sister is only 12 and still loves Scooby. She got Evan hooked on Scooby this past summer and they always watch it together.

We were sent a copy of Scooby-Doo! First Frights.

Regardless of if you're a die hard Scooby fan or not, you'll love Scooby-Doo First Frights! This game is available for Wii, DS and PS2. It allows for parents and their children to play together and take on the role of Scooby Doo and the teenage versions of the Mystery, Inc. crew as they solve their first cases. This game is high on action as you fight enemies, collect Scooby Snacks, and solve the mystery.

First Frights allows two players to work together and they can easily switch between characters to solve puzzles. The characters have their own moves and attacks. My personal favorite is Scooby's nun-chuck sausages-how cool is that?

The game is rated E10+(everyone 10 and older) due to some cartoon violence. I would personally let my younger children play because it isn't that bad. You can use the Wii Remote, the combo Wii Remote and Nun-chuck, or the classic controller. We use the Wii Remote and Nun-chuck.

We had a blast with this game. I took it to my parent's house since my sister is the Scooby fanatic. Before we knew it, an hour had passed by. This is a great game for our whole family to play. Even though there were a few of us sitting out at a time, we were caught up in the action on the screen and rooting each other on.

Be sure to check out the trailer to learn more!

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may very from others. Thank you to Nintendo who supplied the product for Review.

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Jess said...

Oh my gosh the boys have been driving me nuts asking for this game!

Now I think Santa just may have to get it for them :)

lovemylevi said...

I love you blog and am giving you an award! Head on over to my page to check it out.

Lori said...

I've been wondering if this game was at all like Gamecube's Night of 100 Frights? Doesn't sound like it from your review, but is it as un-scary?

thaeter7 said...

love scooby do as much as the grandchildren.
great giveaway

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