Dirt Devil Gator Series

I am always pulling out my vacuum to clean up the messes that Evan makes. I never even thought to buy a hend held vacuum that would make my life easier.

Dirt Devil now has a gator series that I believe every mom should own. Dirt Devil was originally created in 1905 which makes them the oldest vacuum cleaner company. In 1981 they went from Royal Vacuum Cleaners to Dirt Devil. The company has been growing ever since and is now a household name.

Dirt Devil sent us the Gator 10.8V Cordless Hand Vacuum.

The Gator 10.8V is really light and very easy to use. It has a flip up dirt cup that is easy to empty and doesn't involve getting your hands dirty. Simply push the two side buttons and the dirt comes out. There is a reusable filter that only involves rinsing every once in a while It plugs into the wall to charge and is ready to go whenever there is a new mess.

Cleaning the stairs couldn't get any easier. It takes half the time for me to vacuum the steps now that i use the Gator 1.8V. The suction is fantastic and picks up every piece of dirt. I don't wince when Evan leaves behind crumbs because all I have to do is pick up the Gator and suck them up. The built in crevice tool makes it easier to vacuum up the high chair and other small places that I have a hard time getting with my regular vacuum. It just slides out when you need to use it.

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The Gator Series is available in several different voltages (10.8-18V) and the prices range from $29.99-$59.99. They are available at Target, Best Buy, and DirtDevil.com.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may very from others. Thank you to Dirt Devil who supplied the Gator 10.8V for the review.

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