VeggieTales: Minnesota Cuke And The Search For Noah's Umbrella

As I've told you before, we are huge fans of VeggieTales at our house. These DVDs keep Evan entertained and aid in teaching him important life lessons.

Thanks to Family Review Network, VeggieTales sent us a copy of VeggieTales: Minnesota Cuke And The Search For Noah's Umbrella for review.

Minnesota Cuke is on the search for Noah’s famous ark when he learns of a mysterious and powerful umbrella – and a clever villain who wants it for his own schemes. Will Minnesota have the confidence to face the challenges and keep searching – or will all hopes of finding the ark be washed away for good?

As always, VeggieTales did a fantastic job of bringing my family together. Not only does it hold Evan's attention, my husband and I really enjoyed it as well. It teaches that you need to have confidence in yourself no matter how much people laugh at you. Even as adults, it is sometimes hard to remember that you need to do what is best for you no matter what other people think. Sometimes the RIGHT choice isn't always the most popular.


Just like in Indiana Jones(Minnesota Cuke-I love it!), we were kept in suspense and couldn't wait to see what was gong to happen. As always, there were many silly songs that Evan enjoyed dancing to. We always get a big kick out of him humming along to the music and dancing around the living room. We've watched the Sing Along With Larry bonus feature several times in the past few days.

If you are looking for a DVD that is good for the whole family, you should definitely get VeggieTales: Minnesota Cuke And The Search For Noah's Umbrella. You can preview the trailer here.

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Minnesota Cuke And The Search For Noah's Umbrella came out in August and you can purchase it for $12.99 on Amazon.

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program for Big Idea, who supplied the DVD for review.

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Brandy said...

That looks like a really great DVD!!

S Club Mama said...

I love Veggie Tales! We have Minnesota Cuke and ...something lol I don't remember the name, but I love 'em all.

Melissa said...

We just got this one and we love it too! I think Noah is still our fav though.

Mylinda said...

If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smile..... Yes, we watch a LOT of veggie tale! LOL

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

We love the veggie tales - so fun - the songs are so catchy and I love that they are wholesome, I don't have to worry about it when the boys watch!! I'll have to keep a look out for this one.

Julia said...

my parents bought this for my kids for christmas, so we can't wait to see it! we LOVE veggie tales around here too!!! :)

Janet L. Nowlin said...

I saw my first Veggie Tales movie in college and I've been in love with them ever since. It also helps that I worked in the same shopping mall where their offices were for a while... plus if you watch Phil Vischer's intro to Jonah you'll see him in the Tivoli movie theater, where I went all the time growing up. Oh, and I went to High School with Matthew West, who recorded a song for one of their upcoming movies! Oooh, ooh, and my college roommate's uncle is part of Big Idea too!

How's that for being connected to Big Idea--well, in a six-degrees of separation kind of way. :) Thanks for sharing your review of their movie, I'll have to go pick it up!

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