Eating Right With Looney Tunes

Sometimes it can be difficult to get my son to eat healthy. Naturally, he wants things that look fun and taste good to him. Unfortunately, the things he usually wants to eat are not good for him.


Safeway and Warner Bros. recently teamed up to create Eating Right Kids. Eating right kids includes meals, snacks, cereals, and drinks that are better for children. Parents can rest assured that their children are getting the nutrition they need with these healthy treats.

Thanks to Team Mom at Child's Play PR, Warner Brothers, and Safeway, we got to try out their new Eating Right Kids line. They sent us this Eating Right Kids lunch bag full of pasta, juice, fruit, and a chewy bar.

Their new line features more than 60 items across 18 categories including breakfast foods, produce, portable meals, dairy, snacks, beverages, and frozen entrees. These products can all be purchased in over 1700 Safeway locations throughout the US and Canada.

We really enjoyed everything in our lunch bag. Evan got excited when he recognized the Looney Tunes. I was thrilled that he was willing to eat all of these healthy foods without putting up a fight. His favorite was the Macaroni and Beef. I have a hard time finding fast lunches that are actually good for him. This was easy for me to heat up and he loved it.

My personal favorite was the mixed berry bar. I cringed when I first heard the combination would be mixed berries and chocolate, but it was fantastic. He usually loves fruit, so the fruit cup was a big hit as well.

I would recommend this yummy line to any parent who is looking for quick, nutritional meals and snacks for their children.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Thank you to Team Mom, Safeway, and Warner Brothers who supplied the products for review.

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Mark and Kathryn said...

That cake decorating class looks SO fun! Are you taking it through Hobby Lobby? or somewhere else? I have always wanted to take one!


Heather said...

What a great line! I have trouble getting my 2 oldest boys (2 and 5) to eat anything good for them. They're so young and I want to instill good eating habits early, but it's a battle every night. I'm going to have to go hunt these new products out! Thanks for sharing! :)

Momstart said...

I like the Loony Tune Characters. I also thought the items supplied were great

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