Street Surfing Wave LX Review

Our family is extremely close. We are always finding new ways to have fun and compete with each other. I have a much younger brother and sister so there are many different activities that we can do as a family. I'm always on the lookout for new "toys" that look like they may be fun for the whole family to try out.

I had never heard of Street Surfing's new product, the Wave LX(LIGHT XTREME). It is a redesign of the wave line of boards that blends motions of surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding to the popular sport of Street Surfing. The Wave LX is the lightest wave board to date and is perfect for tricks, riding up hill, or surfing the streets.

Street Surfing sent us the Wave LX in blue for review.

The Wave LX also features a wider concave platform which is great for novice riders and skilled street surfers.

We're obviously novice riders. The board was at my house but my 12 year old sister and 17 year old brother snatched it as soon as they saw it. It is now at my mom's house. This pictures is the first time that my sister got up on it. It took her a little while to figure out how to get it started. We had to watch the video that comes with it a few times so that she could really catch on.

We got a good laugh out of using the board. It was something the whole family could try out. With us being a little competitive, my sister, brother, and Dad had a blast deciding who was the best. They appointed my mom and I as judges and they took turns riding and showing us how they could turn. Here is my brother one of the first times he tried it out.

This would make a great gift for almost any age group(once they're old enough to get on in). My sister is 12 and she caught on pretty quickly-I think my 45 year old dad enjoyed it the most though! We even took it to the beach with us so they could ride on the sidewalks while my mom and I walked. I'm excited to give it a try in a few weeks now that I'm not pregnant anymore. The Wave LX is an extremely affordable way to provide fun for the whole family.

You can watch videos to learn more on how to ride it. The website also has some great action shots where you can see the skilled street surfers showing how it's really done.

Buy It!

You can purchase the Wave LX for $79.99. It is also available at major sporting goods stores and other leading retailers.

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April said...

That looks like fun, though I would probably break my neck on

Tena said...

my oldest has his eyes on one of these, maybe for Christmas

katy said...

I think it looks like fun but not for the uncoordinated like me.

A Family Completed... said...

That's looks like fun! Did Andrew try it out?

blueviolet said...

My nephew has one of these and they're so cool!

Stacie said...

My son would love this. He has been wanting a Ripstick for so long now. It looks hard but fun at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I've had my eye on this for a while now. Looks like a lot of fun.

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