Totally Talented Tuesday

I've decided to completely quit Totally Talented Tuesday. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who played along, I really enjoyed reading your posts! I am going to put up a linky if you did a post this week because I do want to see it!

Mr.Linky isn't working right now-I'll put it back up when it starts working again!

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J. Leigh Designz said...

Haha! I totally bailed on my Thursday 13! Like the new look! You do it yourself?

Angela said...

Why are you quitting?! I really enjoy seeing everyone's posts. If you want, I can take over posting the mr. linky.

Emilie said...

Love the new look! Thanks for Mr Linky Dee! Bummer that you've decided to stop noew that I'm participating but I do understand!

Abby said...

That stinks, but I understand. There never seemed to be a whole lot of participation. I like the new look! That can be your talent for today!

Tracye said...

I'm sorry you're letting it go!

I wish I had something to post every week... but I don't. This was always something I looked forward to reading.

I still like everything else you post, too!

Erin said...

I love your new look. I love your blog. Lots of great information on here

Spamgirl said...

Mister Linky works, you need to use this code:

{a target="_blank" href=""}{img src="" border="0" /}{/a}

Replacing { with < and } with >. Also, replace YOURUSERNAME with your linky username and THEIDOFYOURLINKY with whatever the ID is of your new linky (probably 28May2009)

09/06/05 - Leapfrog Tag System with 3 Books (

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