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My belly seems to be growing larger every day. I am in constant search of maternity clothes that will help me look cute while pregnant. I only had about 3 outfits that made me feel confident when I was pregnant with my first.


Ingrid & Isabel sent me their Everyday Cami and BellaBand to try out!

The Everyday Cami is amazing! It is extremely form fitting and creates a smooth look. I've come to terms with the fact that my hips have grown, and the Cami helps make them look smaller.


Being pregnant during the summer is hard-especially since I live in the south. The Everyday Cami is thin and light so you don't even realize it is on. I've had it for about a month and have worn it every few days. I wear it under most of my maternity shirts to create a smooth look and then I wear it around the house with shorts!

I have a problem with many of my maternity clothes wanting to hike up a little in the front since my tummy is growing so large. The Ingrid & Isabel Cami doesn't do that. It is extra long to make sure that I always feel covered. It is really thin and you can see through it a little, so I only wear it under things or around the house. Even though I've washed and dried this Cami more times than I can count, it still looks new and has the same elasticity.

Ingrid & Isabel also sent their amazing BellaBand. You'll want this from the second your pre-pregnancy pants start feeling snug until those jeans fit you again postpartum. I have worn the BellaBand mostly to make a layered look with my maternity clothes. Like I said earlier, some of my shirts are beginning to look too short and the BellaBand makes me feel more comfortable.


I can also wear it with my jeans that aren't secret fit to keep the elastic up. My belly has grown so large that it pushes my pants down and a quick fix is the BellaBand. It is snug so it keeps a smooth look underneath even my tightest shirts.

After I have the baby, the BellaBand will help keep my pre-pregnancy pants up since they'll probably be unbuttoned for a while! I think it will also help when I'm breastfeeding. When I lift my shirt, I don't have to expose my whole midsection when we have company over. I will have this on underneath it so no bare skin shows.

Ingrid & Isabel has many other clothing solutions to help you feel more comfortable and confident with a growing belly!

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Whitney said...

I was pregnant last summer & oh how I wish I could have had that cami. I think I could still use the band!

Mighty M said...

Those are great!

Jenn@ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh, I was pregnant last summer. Thyme Maternity made a great one I used because it had a nice length but it wasn't thin and I was hot a lot - just what you need when you're pregnant right?
I'll keep this in mind for next time

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