VeggieTales An Easter Carol

We are huge VeggieTales fans at our house. They help reinforce favorite bible stories and teach our family so many amazing lessons.


Thanks to Family Review Network, we received VeggieTales An Easter Carol.

An Easter Carol is about Ebenezer Nezzer believing that Easter is all about plastic eggs and candy! He took his Grandmother's last words the wrong way and needs to learn the true meaning of Easter.

This movie was inspired by the Dickens' Classic, A Christmas Carol. Take a journey with Nezzer as Hope(a music box angel), Bob, and Larry have to talk some sense into him in just one night. He must learn why Christians have always celebrated Easter.


Our Thoughts
An Easter Carol portrays the true meaning of Easter while capturing your attention with the adorable characters. This story is told in such a way that children(and adults) will remember its lessons. Sometimes its hard to explain the bible to children, but VeggieTales provides an easy tool to educate them on different stories.

As always, this VeggieTales DVD is packed with extra features for the whole family. My son loves music so the Karaoke was a big hit. He just sort of hums along, but its absolutely adorable watching him dance.

This is a movie you will want your family to watch every Easter. Pin It!


Mighty M said...

That looks good - we will have to watch it! I just saw that you have 778 followers! Great job growing!! ;-)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

VeggieTales has been around forever! I remember my son loved them when he was little!

Have a great Easter!

Dana Tate said...

We rented this from the library this week. It is a great film. We love Veggietales here at our house too.

Have a blessed Easter.
(I found your blog via SITS btw. I love your blog title.)

Mrs4444 said...

We loved Veggie Tales; so many catchy tunes and terrific messages :)

Michelle said...

B used to love Veggietales! I think we had every movie. When I was watching Baby Boy we got listen to the silly songs again. It was lots of fun and my kids remembered most of the songs. How fun!

Brimful Curiosities said...

We own the book but haven't watched the movie yet. Thanks for the review.

Jen said...

I actually just put this movie in for the kids!

Day Trading Mastery said...

I think newbies usually have problems editing the layouts of their page… I still remembered asking around how to do this and that.. now i teach people how to do it!

Day Trading said...

Ben & Jerry's is my favorite brand - but I stay away!! ;-) My favorite kind is cookie dough or cookies n cream. I generally like chunks of yummy goodness in my ice cream. ;-)

JamericanSpice said...

Very good one to get for our family.

Anonymous said...


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