Prayers For Maddie's Family

I have never been to this blog before today and the way I found out about it breaks my heart.

Maddie is a little girl who was born just months after my son. She was 11 weeks premature. And she is beautiful.

I'm not sure of the details but this amazing little girl passed away two days ago. My thoughts, prayers, and tears are all for her parents, Heather and Mike right now. These parents are having to deal with the unimaginable and my heart goes out to them.

I have sat here for the past little while looking through old posts of this sweet little girl at the park and with her family and I hope that you will get to know her as well.

Her family is asking that if you feel led, please donate to the March Of Dimes. They have set up a page and raised about $18,000 for Maddie HERE. Pin It!


Whimsical Creations said...

Like you, I found their blog yesterday. I was just looking through the old posts this morning, too. So heartbreaking!

Running Mommy said...

That is so awful... My husband's brother lost his little girl to leukemia and although they seem to be doing alright I can't imagine what it's like.

On a different note: would you like to swap buttons with me?

The Mama said...

It's awful.. I found it yesterday too :(

The Shopping Mama said...

It's so, so sad. I can't bear to immagine the heartbreak of losing a child.

Nancy said...

I was (am) following the mom on Twitter while Maddie was in the hospital being treated. When she passed I felt awful and shocked. It's so incredibly sad.

Anonymous said...

Yes I just heard about this little girl passing. I didn't realize she was born 11 weeks early, Tristan was born at 28 weeks, 12 weeks early, March of Dimes is a great cause, we are walking May 2nd.
I can't imagine what they are going through, but yet out situations I'm sure were similar at one point, so I can.

ahappyhippy mom said...

I just found out about Maddie today and was also going through the pictures of her and the family on Flickr. I just broke in tears with the one of her on "Bampa's" lap. My prayers and tears are with the family.

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