Higher! Higher! And Baby Happy Baby Sad

I can't stress enough how important I think reading is. We have been reading with Evan since he was a tiny baby and now he loves books.

Thanks to Team Mom, we received two new books by Leslie Patricelli. Leslie has a series of 7 adorable books available for children. Her books are so much fun with their silly illustrations.


Not only will your child enjoy reading these books because of the comical approach that Leslie takes, but they will come away from these books learning something.

My son really enjoyed Baby Happy Baby Sad.

There is a lot of talk about babies right now with his little sister being due in only a few months so he loves to point out babies everywhere. This book is targeted for toddlers ages 1-3 which is perfect for him. We haven't really talked much about emotions and this book is helping him to learn happy and sad. When he is crying, I am sure to say something about him being sad and I think he understands from the book.

The illustrations are fantastic. It makes you laugh and feel sorry for the baby all at the same time. We really enjoy going on the journey that shows us what makes baby happy or sad.

Higher! Higher! is a book all about imagination for children 2-5.

With Higher! Higher!, your child will go on an adventure with a little girl as her swing takes her to new heights. You can explore the pages with your child as she shows different scenes that continue to go higher. You even meet an alien when you reach outer space.

Since reading this book, our son now tells us higher when he's swinging. I wonder if he thinks he's going to meet some birds if he goes just high enough.

If he's learning this much from these two books, I can't wait to read the rest of her books to him!

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Baby Happy Baby Sad retails for $6.99 and Higher! Higher! retails for $15.99 and just came out in March. Both books are available for sale through Candlewick Press.

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Anonymous said...

I love those kinds of books!! Kids really relate to them.

Mighty M said...

Those look great - I love to find new books for my kids. I actually LOVE to read new books to my kids - I get bored with the same ones all the time...

Lisa said...

These books look like fun. Allie will not let me read to her anymore. She wants to do it herself. I miss our times reading, but she is so stubborn. Maybe if I get some new books she will sit with me.

Twisted Cinderella said...

They are really sweet books!

JamericanSpice said...

I like those.

I to read all the time to the little ones. I love books and hope they woo will ....plus all the great benefits.

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