Easter Egg Hunt

Our play group decided to do an Easter Egg Hunt with the kids. I had no clue if he was going to actually pick up the eggs, but I was excited to see what he'd do. Hubby even got off early to go with us!

He didn't understand what to do at first. He thought that he could push his Easter Basket like a car, but that didn't work. Hubby showed him how to put the eggs in his basket and after that he was a pro!

It had rained the day before so I put his rain boots on him.


After the Egg Hunt, the Easter Bunny made a surprise visit! I really thought that he would be scared, but he LOVES the Easter Bunny! He kept going up and talking to him. The poor Easter Bunny probably got at least 50 high fives from my kid!

I think that Evan was telling him something really important in this picture.

And is it just me, or are the Easter Bunny's teeth a little freaky?

He didn't realize until later that night that the eggs actually had candy in them. Since then, he has looked for eggs everywhere we go! Pin It!


itsahumanzoo said...

I swear we had that same easter bunny at one of the things we went to!

The Pink Potpourri said...

hi! i stumbled on your blog, and it is so cute! i love all your easter pictures!

be sure to swing by and enter the GIVEAWAY this weekend! It is SUPER cute and we are having 2 winners!

Executive Momma said...

I am a new blogger and first time commenter. I just love your blog. Your family is so goregous! Congratulations on your bundle of joy!! I am excited to be an official blogger and not a lurker anymore! :)

Life Is A SandCastle said...

Evan is so sweet. My son was scared to death of the Easter bunny dressed like that at Walmart, so he would stand to have his picture taken. Love the firetruck basket, my son would flip for one like that. Great pics.

Michelle said...


Mighty M said...

Glad he befriended the bunny - who kind of looks like a dog to me! Hilarious that he keeps looking for eggs!!

A Family Completed... said...

Aww Look at Evan how cute. I like his basket!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

So cute!! Looks like a fun day!!

Betsy said...

His teeth are slightly creepy. lol. ALmost sharp looking!

And how cute about the egg hunt. I missed out on all the fun this year. Didn't get to dye them because I was in the hospital still, and didn't get to watch the hunt because the baby was hungry. Poo. Oh well, she is worth it, and there is always next year.

Kathleen W. said...

What sweet photos! Sadly, our chance for an egg hunt at the town park was canceled due to heavy rains.

That bunny does have freaky teeth, and he looks more like a dog in that last photo.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

We practiced in the living room the whole week b/4 Easter.

My littles wouldn't have gone near that bunny.

Jo said...

He looks like he had a lot of fun!

Michele said...

What a cutie patootie you have. Just dropped by to drop on ya and have also followed you on twitter.
Adorable blog you have. See ya soon ")

Casual Friday Everyday said...

He is adorable! Great pictures.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

How darling are you and your family? It looks like everyone in your household had a wonderful time. I mean, what is not to love about a firetruck Easter basket? :)

I should also mention that I’m what you might like to think as the very tail end of the SITS welcome wagon. While my cohorts all probably stopped by your blog in a timely manner, I instead took a different approach. I thought I would wait a while and then swing by and say, hey, you’re still a member!

Or maybe I’m just a big slacker who is finally getting back on the comment wagon. I’ll leave the interpretation up to you, but I urge you to seriously consider option #1! :)


3 Bay B Chicks said...

I just spent a bit more time checking out your blog and am thinking that you would be perfect for a video series that we are hosting on our site. In particular, I'd love to include you in a segment on 20-something bloggers.

You can see the kick-off post here:


If you are interested, send me an e-mail at 3bay.b.chicks@gmail.com and we can discuss details.


Anonymous said...

I agree. There's something not quite right about the bunny's teeth. They're tiny!

Anonymous said...

That Easter bunny travels fast.
He looks like the one we had at the church hunt.
Your boy is such a doll!!
I bet now he will really love Easter, since he knows whats in the eggs.

Oh yeah, I have a award on my blog for ya!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Awwwww, those are so sweet! Looks like he got the hang of it and will be a pro next year.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he had so much fun :) Hope you are feeling well, too!

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