Build A Bear Workshop A Friend Fur All Seasons Wii Game

Yesterday I told you about a Nintendo DS game for adults called Zenses Ocean. Today I'm going to tell you about a game for ages 3 to 103.

Build-A-Bear Workshop A Friend Fur All Seasons is a game for the whole family. If you have children that are a little older, they probably don't want to play games with their 3 year old sibling. This game brings the whole family together for some fun.


Up to four players can get in on this game so several of your children can play together or you can even join in. With 20 mini-games to play, this game will not get old. Several of the games even have surprises to keep your children on their toes.

This is a game they can also play by themselves. There are 2 different game modes where they can go on adventures int he 4 season-themed island or they can play the min-games in the playground mode. There are even secret treasure spots that you can find around the island that contain surprises.


And it wouldn't be Build-A-Bear without the Workshop. You can collect bear medals and other rewards that can be used in the Build-A-Bear Workshop to get over 80 items that are available for your friend!

Is it sad that even I got a little competitive while playing this game? I got completely caught up in the game and forgot that I was playing a bunch of kids. Evan LOVES to hold the remote and play. It really caught his attention because of the adorable characters.

This is a cute, fun game that you won't mind playing over and over with your children.
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Beth said...

Looks like a fun game for family time! I know that my little ones would love it. :-)

OGLADI said...

Sounds good, we'll have to check it out!

momstheword said...

Looks like a cute game, too bad my kids are to old now!

They are four years apart, and when they were little I wanted to build on their relationship and encourage their friendship,since they didn't play together much at such a young age.

So I used to have them play together for 30 minutes a day. They played board games and took turns each day on who got to select the game. This would have been a great game for them!

Clary said...

Thanks for letting me know. it sounds like a cute game.

3boyzmom said...

I was lucky enough to win this game last year from a 7 year old son is a true gamer...he found the Build A Bear way to juvenile and easy for him...but when he thought nobody was looking..he was into it!! BUT I think it would make a perfect game for little ones, 3-4, who are new to gaming. I'm saving it until my 2 year old is ready to play!!

Anonymous said...

My kids would Love this!

Anonymous said...

love your blog! I love it so much I gave you an award!

Can you please tell me how you got the DS game to review and Giveaway? You can email me if you want. Thanks so much for such a great blog!
livingmyhappilyeverafter at yahoo

Betsy said...

I have been looking for a game for my three year old for our wii. Might have to look closer at this one.

noreen said...

toys r us has it on sale this week for $10

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