Totally Talented Tuesday-Go Dog Go

I hope everyone can join in and link up with Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post to show off the talent in your house! Just post about the talent going on around you on your blog!

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In this picture, Evan is holding Rocky's Bumper and is about to throw it. He has watched his daddy do this several times every day. Starting this weekend, HE throws Rocky's bumper EVERY time we go outside. LOL, poor Rocky-the bumper only goes a few feet so he has nothing to really chase after!


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Diane said...

rocky sure does look ready! i can tell evan just loves playing with his doggie!!

Abby said...

That is so cute! G loves to throw things for the dog, but Conner usually just lays there and stares at him!

Julie said...

So cute! Trevor has just learned how to throw things over-hand and he throws things ALL the time!! He's dangerous...poor Tyler has gotten hit several times.

Mel Fraase said...

Cute!! His arm will get stronger quickly!

A Family Completed... said...

That's so cute. His arm will get better and Rocky will love having two guys throwing things to him!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Haha. Monkey does the same thing with my parents dog. The dog gets so excited and then Monkey throws the ball like 2 feet and the dog just looks at her like "you call that a throw?"

Sarah said...

How cute, I bet this is just the beginning of many many hours of play between the two of them.

JamericanSpice said...

LOL I think he is begging him to throw it farther this time!

That s too funny!

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