Now What?

OK, it looks like its time to do something about potty training! He's 19 months old and is starting to take an interest in all things potty!

He LOVES to sit on the potty, but has yet to actually GO on the potty!

We've talked about Pee-Pee and starting last week he tells us AFTER he goes Pee-Pee in his diaper. I didn't catch on at first, I thought he was just saying "Pee-Pee". BUT a few days ago, I had just changed his diaper and he said "Pee-Pee". Sure enough, I felt his diaper and it was warm so he had just tinkled..IN HIS DIAPER.

EVERY time he tells me that he went Pee-Pee, I tell him that he should have told me so we could go Pee-Pee in the potty and I show him the potty.

I've tried sitting him on the potty a good bit, but the kid wont go in the potty.

So, now what? I KNOW that he knows when he tinkles, but he's not going on the potty.

Any ideas? Anything else I can be doing? Pin It!


shortmama said...

My best advice is to be patient! It is sometimes a long process and he is still young to put it all together. Most kids are potty trained closer to 24 months or later. However I will tell you that talking about it a lot works! I bought a book about going on the potty and there is a movie called "once upon a potty" (I think thats it) but you could get any little short potty movie. They usually are super corny but they sing and dance and kids like it! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

When he's ready, he'll do it. It's as simple as that. Also, what worked for us, was taking the diaper off during the day. He'll catch on quick if he wets himself. Make a big production out of "big boy pants". Also, is he talking a lot? I've always heard that it works best when the child can communicate extremely well.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Potty training is tons of fun!! ;)

Sallie said...

I'm going to follow the comments on this one. We are at about the same point with my 20 month old daughter. She loves to sit on the potty and asks to sit on it, but has yet to actually go. Yesterday we sat on the potty for five (plus) minutes with no result, then she got off and went in the hall and peed on the carpet immediately! I know she's young, but she's the one asking to go. I'm not pressuring her at this point.

Heather said...

Telling you he's pee pee is actually a good sign! It's another indicator that he's ready to start potty training. Try letting him run around without his diaper for a week or so, that should help too.
We started potty training my daughter in August, and she really didn't start going on the potty all the time until last month.
Don't worry, it will happen!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

We are kind of going through the same thing. I don't want to rush Monkey so right now I am just working on helping her figure out when she needs to go. The plan for now is to change her as soon as she tells me she has pee or poop and hopefully she will realize that being dry is nice. I'm also letting her spend as much time on the potty as she'd like and letting her hang out in the bathroom while I'm in there (not that she didn't before.)

Good luck!

Brea's Mommy said...

Good luck I'm in the process of potty training to! Brea takes her diaper off and sets on the potty, but it never fails that she gets up right before she pees and it ends up on my floor. Oh well we will get there!

Brea's Mommy said...

Oh one thing people suggested to me was using training pants instead of diapers. They have the plastic to go over them. Maybe that will help!

ModernMommy said...

I agree with the other posters he will go when he is ready. As long as you continue to introduce the potty as a positive thing he will eventually get it. His body just isn't physically able to release on command yet. It is a great start that he can recognize after he has gone and that he likes to sit on the potty! It is all part of the process.

How Solar Energy Works said...

They usually are super corny but they sing and dance and kids like it! Good luck!

PlaygroundforParents said...

WAIT! He's showing interest, but still a bit young. When you and he are both ready at the same time, in addition to kid books and videos on the topic, and those little things you throw in the toilet for him to aim - you may want to try this strategy that worked for us: spent about 4 days at home only using underwear (get cheap ones from Target, that you don't mind throwing away if they get too yuck), no diapers/pull-ups during the day. Needless to say, we didn't venture out, and if we did, we used pull-ups! Gave her lots to drink, stayed near potty. Best if you have wood or tile floor, not carpet! By day 4, she was potty trained. Boys and girls may train at different rates in general, but worth a try! We waited quite some time for nighttime training - until she was consistently dry when she woke up for months. Good luck.

Mommy Bee said...

My son started showing interest around I got a potty to have ready for when he was ready for it. He would sit on it occasionally, but honestly never did much until about 22months.
In the morning when I took off his nighttime diaper I would always leave him naked for a few minutes to air out. One morning he was naked and I needed to go potty myself--he followed me in and said "peepee, peepee" in a realy distressed voice, and then started going. So I grabbed the potty chair and stuck it under him (he didn't sit, just kinda stood over it) and voila, he peed in the potty and I made a big deal of it and told him how big he was. He was all pleased with himself. A few days later almost the identical thing happened. So I started just leaving him naked on his lower half...and yes i cleaned up a couple of puddles, but honestly within a few days he was consistently peeing in the potty. I would put a diaper on him for naptime or going out, and sometimes he'd ask to have one at some other point, but mostly he was naked. He did have a little bit harder time figuring out #2, but he's got it mostly under control. He's 26m right now.
A lot of kids feel that there is something on them (Be it a diaper or training pants or undies) and they treat it all the same...nudity is honestly the most effective thing I've found.

JamericanSpice said...

The great step is that he knows and is telling just have to keep offering him the potty when you think it's time to pee pee or poop.

That's what I did and eventually the boy got it a LONG time after.

Now the girl is 2 and I honestly don't want to push like I did my son but I would love if she'd start...I'm encouraging her though

free indeed said...

I had six kids and only started them at 2 and a half yrs. They caught on quick and no relapses or frustrations for me and them. Just ignore the bright "she was trained at 18 months!" comments...I bet it isn't consistant and stress free. Having them naked first thing after they wake up worked great. Or right after a meal to sit and read a book, sometimes water running in the background, a foot bath to stimulate the need to go. When my oldest was nude and started peeing, I just ran with the removeable pot and caught his pee...he was so amazed at the stream coming out of him and right into a pot that he just always tried to aim it again. I hear people use the cheerios trick in the toilet to the same intent.

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