NotMe Monday #17

1. I did NOT FINALLY print off the pictures to put in the huge picture frame collage things that I have in my living room. They certainly have NOT been UP WITHOUT pictures in them for a few months now. That would be crazy to spend that much on these and not have them up with pictures!

2. I do NOT give into the peer pressure and join the Blog Party. I would never give in to peer pressure and join even though I have a crazy schedule this week anyway!

3. We did NOT pay off my car with the tax money we got! PHEW! Now that we did that, hubby's truck is NOT acting up. He was not outside working on it last night because it wouldn't start...guess we'll be buying a new truck soon too!

4. I do NOT have another ultrasound appointment this week and my fingers are NOT crossed that my early ultrasound was wrong and this is a girl!

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Anonymous said...

Why is it that as soon something is paid off we start over with a new payment on something else? Ugh.

shopannies said...

Sounds like you will be busy and dont you know murphys law about payments LOL
hey I have named you for an award come over to my blog to see what it is I do not know how to link in the comment section

Julie said...

I'm terrible at printing pictures...haven't in over a year! LOL!

Congrats on paying off the car!

Superjaxster said...

Stopping by to say I am NOT having a contest for my birthday on my blog.

Oh and isn't peer pressure just so great?

Kelli said...

Great Not Me's!!We had a photo collage frame hanging in our hall for at least two years with some of the sample pictures still showing because I hadn't put all my pictures in yet!! Good Luck at your ultrasound!

Anonymous said...

I paid off my car with my tax refund. It's a nice feeling!

Betsy said...

I prayed my early u/s was wrong, but she showed us really well!! lol Good luck with that!

momstheword said...

Figures. The minute you get the truck paid off, it acts up! My ultrasound was wrong and I had a boy instead of a girl. But usually I think those things are pretty accurate. Don't know what happened with ours.

NateAndJakesMom said...

I crossed my fingers, arms, legs and eyes... that darn ultrasound always showed that "third leg."
Boys are great (as you know). I have 3 and no pink in the house but really, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Glad you gave in to the peer pressure - a party wouldn't be a party without you!

Emily said...

Great No Me! When it rains it's pours, right? I had to laugh about your ultrasound comment...I felt the same way with my third. Of course, they were not wrong and I did have another little boy who I love more than anything and can't imagine why I wanted anything else in the first place!

Erica said...

I've prayed for wrong ultrasounds before too, never worked =)! Cars are always needing work, 'drives' me crazy!

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