A Children's Treasury Of Mother Goose

You remember Mother Goose, right? Little sayings your parents or grandparents would always be repeating? My grandad would say "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig." EVERY time we got in the car to go somewhere. It makes me smile to think about that today.


Why not share some of those same stories with your children? A Children's Treasury Of Mother Goose has many of those old stories that you will remember. It even had ones that I've never heard! Either way, I will have fun reciting these with my children.

Linda Bleck did an amazing job with the illustrations! The pages are filled with fun and whimsical characters from your favorite Mother Goose stories. The illustrations are even popped out a little so that you can actually FEEL the characters.

Children love fun little sayings and will have a blast learning these. You can make reading this book as fun as you'd like!

Our Thoughts.

This book brings back fond memories of growing up for me. I didn't have a book with any of these little stories in them to share with my children. I never even thought about it! Now I can start reading these to my son and we can have fun making up other silly little sayings.

Right now, he has fun reading it with me. He thinks it is hilarious for me to read the pages the way I do. I read to him in a sing song kind of way with this book and he thinks that is the best thing in the world! We even recite these pages while driving down the road.

He loves touching this book since some of the illustrations are raised from the page. He'll even take my hand to make me feel over the page. Not only is it teaching him the Mother Goose sayings, but since there are so many animals in this book, he uses it to remember his animals.

Even if you never read these as a child, it would be fun to start with your children or grandchildren!

You can purchase A Children's Treasury Of Mother Goose for $12.95. Pin It!


Anonymous said...

Is this a board book??
I've been looking for a great board book filled with ryhmes but haven't had much luck.
Thanks for posting

Kimberly said...

I love the classics! All though some of them can be kind of morbid.

Mrs4444 said...

I already have a book like this, only mine is from my own childhood, and it's full of scary nursery rhymes with melancholy pictures. I love it! :)

Chrissy said...

I too have a book like this from my childhood. A book my son and I just read, a funny one I might add, by Charlotte Cowan, is The Moose With Loose Poops I know right... sounds gross... but it really was a funny and an entertaining experience. We found these series of books at the doctors office. They're pretty recent so I was quite surprised. Usually this doctor's office has People Magazines from like 2003.
"I like to read current up to date things thank you...", but I had to share because my son enjoyed the pictures and I think learned a lot from it, since I asked him after what he thought, and he said it was funny when Miles is on the potty -- covered in toilet paper!
I had to buy it after that! Most of the time he would say it was good so I got more of an answer out of him this time!

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