Yandy Valentines Day Lingerie

As you all know, my blog is G-rated. SOMETIMES I may cross over into the PG crowd, but that is as far as I go! I still wanted to tell you about a fantastic website where you can buy some Valentine's Day Lingerie.

Thanks to Yandy and Family Review Network, I got to review Lingerie.

Since, I am a PG rated blog at most, all I'm going to tell you is that I received some very modest lingerie compared to what is available! I've always been super tame when it comes to lingerie, but there are some really sexy items at Yandy.


It was very hard for me to make a selection because they have tons of adorable items. The prices are also fantastic! Again, I don't have a whole lot of experience with lingerie, but I KNOW it is normally way more expensive than what Yandy sells it for! I know what you're thinking, since it's less expensive, it's not good quality. Well, you'd be wrong! I was thinking this too, and the quality really is amazing.

I was also worried because most of the lingerie is for women with smaller busts. Sometimes, they even run smaller than they say. I was very pleased that my lingerie fit my pregnant mommy ta-tas and helped even me look sexy!

There really is something for everyone!! There is a huge variety of lingerie for the more daring crowd with tons left over for us tame girls.

If you're even more tame than me, they also carry some cute pajamas and robes. There are tons of super sexy bras, but also some every day bras.

I think Yandy is the place to buy some Valentine's Day Lingerie. I'm sure your husband will be as happy as mine was with what you get!

Don't forget, Valentine's Day is in less than a week! Why not surprise your man with some eye candy from Yandy?

Shipping is super fast! I got my order in three days.

There are more items than I can list at a variety of prices starting at just a few dollars! Yandy offers free priority shipping on orders over $70.

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