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Have you been trying to think of a fun way to get your child prepared for reading before Kindergarten? I am always trying to put learning into most of the things that Evan does or watches.

Did you know that only 1 in 8 of children's educational shows meet high quality standards?

A new study funded by DOE proves that WordWorld does help children develop pre-literacy skills.


Thanks to Family Review Network and WordWorld we were able to review the Rocket to the Moon DVD.

I only just found out about WordWorld about three or four months ago. We've been watching it most days since then. Evan loves the song at the beginning and the characters are just adorable!

We watched this DVD with the 3 year old that I keep. Both Kids just sat and watch it. The little girl Sang along and interacted more with the characters. The DVD actually had 4 episodes included on it.

I love how each Character is actually made of the letters that spell out what they are. I can see how the study proved that WordWorld helps children develop pre-literacy skills! If you continue to see the words with the character over and over, you're going to be able to recognize the word eventually.

With so many shows to choose from, why not let your child watch a show that is proven to help them read!

On February 13th, WordWorld with be airing its Valentine's Day Special!

Be sure to go ahead and set your DVR so you don't miss it!

If you've never seen WordWorld, this would be a great one to start with! You can even turn on your TV today and watch an episode! Pin It!


Courtney said...

We LOVE WordWorld!

A.V.A said...

We are huge fans of Word World! Jacob just loves it.

SimplyHappyMe said...

Sounds like a really great show. I think my daughter would enjoy it. Unfortunately, I don't think we have it yet in our area.

Sweet Child Kisses said...

My son, who is only 2 loves this show. Thanks for sharing about the Valentine's special!

Smoochiefrog said...

My 3 yr. old LOVES Word World. Heck, so do I! I think it's so creative how everything is the word of what it is. So great!

Ally said...

My daughter, who's barely 1, loves word WordWorld.

Michelle said...

I have only seen glimpses of WordWorld but it looks great. Between the Lions on PBS is also GREAT for pre-readers (3-4 year olds) even though other ages will enjoy. It is phonics based and I swear by this approach to reading. All 3 of my kids were reading well before kindergarten and are still at least 2 grades ahead in reading. READ, READ, READ, to your kids! It will pay off! (Dee this isn't just to you but everyone reading). Thanks for your great blog!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

WorldWorld is THE favorite show in our house!

Lisa said...

Allie loves this show. I think the characters are so cute. Thanks for sharing about the Valentine's episode. I am sure we will be watching.

April said...

My daughter loves WordWorld! It's a great show!

wtf said...

i really want to know what songs they used for the valentines episode. no one seems to have information on it! i dont even remember what it was called.

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