Thinking Of Boy Names....

Most of you know that I'm pregnant and it looks like its another boy. I have been trying to come up with a boy name since we found out that it's a boy, and have had a hard time!!

We were thinking about Jackson because that was the only name we've both sort of agreed on. But, I'm not really sold on it.

I was looking at the See Kai Run shoes about a week ago, and saw Grayson.

What do you think of Grayson?? Do you have any other ideas? Maybe middle names??

Thanks in advance for the help!!!

Of course, I still have my fingers crossed until the next ultrasound that it's actually a girl! :) I have a name for her...Isabella Brooke.

EDITED to ask...

Have you ever heard Grayson used as a girl name? It was brought to my attention that it may be used for girls. I don't want him to be in the same class with a girl with the same name!! Pin It!


Julie said...

Boys names are SO hard! So many boys names are now girls names or unisex, so you have to be careful.

Grayson & Jackson are good names. I'm not big on nicknames, so I tried to come up with names that if they did get a nickname I would like it.

We had a hard time too because not a lot of names sounded good with our last name, so that makes a big difference. I wish picking a name was easier. And yeah...we had a girls name from the start too! LOL!

itsahumanzoo said...

Jackson was the only name my husband and I could agree with this time around. I wasn't really sold on it, even as I was in the delivery room. I went with it anyway and I really think it fits! Grayson is a cute name too. It's definitely harder the second time to pick a name!

Anonymous said...

I like Grayson Dee--that's cute!Jackson Dale was the other name we had for Riley (dale is dh's middle name). What about Grayson Oliver, or Grayson James? I'll have to come back once I think of some more!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you on the new baby! I'm so out of touch with baby names though; you're on your own there. Have fun with it!

Kristin said...

I like the name Austin Lee (mine and my husband's middle names). If my daughter would have been a boy, that would have been the name. We actually had a had time picking a girl name because there are so many names I like. I think Grayson is turning into a boy name used by girls...if that bothers you. What about Jackson Tyler? Or Grayson Christopher? I also like Dalton. Good Luck with your name picking and pregnancy!!

kel said...

I like Grayson!! I also like Graham. and Ethan

Denise said...

See, for me, I knew exactly what names I wanted. Our boy name was Parker James and our girl name was Audrey Nicole. We had a boy. And thinking about it, I have a long list of boys names I love. I think if we have another boy it will be Cole Elijah.

But other boy names I like: Spencer, Cooper, Carter, Conner, Keegan, Aiden Bennett, Deacon, Mattias, Chandler, Caden, Cody, Dylan, Elliot, Hunter, Trevor, Gavin

Those are just a few of our favorites. I have this obsession with going on and just listing every name I like...personally, I think it is helpful.

Courtney said...

Boys names are hard! Glad we have not had to think of any of those! :) (We have 3 girls!)

I really like Grayson!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Isabella Brooke is a beautiful name if you have a girl!!

I like Grayson. It's unique, in a good way :) If we have a boy ever ... it will be James Holcomb. James is what my parents would have named their boy {they ended up with 4 girls though} and Holcomb is his dad's middle name.

LeeAnn said...

I like both Grayson & Jackson for boy names!

My husband and I are having a hard time agreeing on a girl middle name. Maybe you all can help - how would you pronounce the name "Mira"? or "Meira"? We are wanting to keep the name a secret from our families, but can't decide how to spell it - depends on how people would say it.

If you want to help, please email me using my email in my blogger profile instead of posting a comment to my blog since we're trying to keep the name under wraps. Thanks!!

Crystal said...

I prefer Jackson to Grayson, Jackson is a very common name right now around here anyway but if you dont mind that its a great name. I love Isabella! It was one of my girl choices I had when I was pregnant with Donni *but as isabel only. That or Sofia :-).

Anonymous said...

I am due in April and am having the same issue...boys names are HARD!!

Unfortunately, we ruled out Grayson b/c of the girl factor...a friend mentioned that she knew several girl Graysons:(

When we were considering Grayson, though, we were also considering Grayden and Clayton, do either of those do anything for you?

Please keep us posted--I'd love to know what else you guys are considering!

Lisa S said...

My son's BFF is named Grayson. I like it. I also like the name Cullen for a boy. Weird, huh? I know that is the last name of the Twilight character, but I think it is a cool first name!

Melanie said...

I think Grayson and Jackson are good,strong, masculine names. I think a nickname or shortening of the name "Gray" is cute! I don't know how many syllables your last name is so, these would be just a shot

Grayson Cole
Grayson Jack
Grayson Joel
Grayson Finn
Grayson Quinn

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

If we had another boy we wanted to name him Jackson, but couldn't because hubby's nephew has that name.

I've only heard of one child named Grayson, and he was a boy.

Natalie said...

The best advice I ever got was to pick out at least 2 names, maybe 3, that you liked & could live with. Wait til you meet the little person & see what fits.
With my 2nd child, I had a name that I absolutely loved. But when I met him, he didn't look like that name. He did however look like the back up name I had kept coming back to.

I love Grayson. My son has a boy named Gray on his baseball team.
I also love Carter & Parker (for a girl or boy). Brendan is also a favorite. My last child has my maiden name as a name... Garner.

And I agree with Lisa S.. Cullen is a neat name.

Amanda B. said...

My friend named her little boy Greyson, and they call him Grey. I like the names Jacob, Parker, and Dalton as well.

We had a hard time coming up with boy names that we agreed on as well. Luckily we had a girl so it didn't end up being a big issue.

Hope that helps.

Marin said...

I actually really like Grayson (better than Jackson). And Gray is cute too, as a nickname...

I find boys names SO much easier than girls (though I know I'm mostly alone in this). Our boys are Liam & Connor. I also like Aidan, Kieran, David, Joshua, Jonathan, Caden, Thomas... the list goes on. I could name a football team.

LeeAnn, I would pronounce both spellings "mee-ra".

Susan said...

I love the name Jackson if your second was a boy, but she was a girl. My husband wasn't sold on it because he didn't like the nickname Jack. So, we were think of spelling it Jaxon so that if a nickname came about it would be Jax and not Jack.
Our first son is named Austin Jeremiah. Other names we liked that were not girl names were Bryant and Maxwell.
As far as Grayson I really like that name. It sounds strong. To answer your other question, I have only heard of the name used once for a girl and it was spelled Gracin, like a derivation of Grace or Gracie.
Good luck!

Beth said...

I absolutely LOVE the name Grayson. However, it could be because it's my brother's name!! He's 26 years old and I'd never heard of anyone named Grayson back then. I've run across a couple of them over the years, but there would probably not be 5 Graysons in his class when he starts school!
I'm fairly new to your blog and I've really enjoyed it!

momma said...

i have had a few children in my classes named Grayson - 2 were boys and 1 was a girl. the girl spelled her's Grasyn.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Love both Jackson and Grayson. My nephew's name is Easton, which is cool and different... And if my bro and sil have another boy, they are thinking Pierson, which is also different and neat.
Love the girl name you have picked!

Ashley said...

I love Grayson. I've seen it used as a boys name but not sure about for girls. I've always liked the name Reese for a boy, but I guess that could be used for a girl, too.

Jennifer said...

I have 3 boys and I went with all traditional names and spellings. I was not one for trends or fads, so I am of no use. lol

I love the girl name you have picked out, very sweet.

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Gray has always been a boy name when I've heard it.

I also like:


Congrats on the baby. Just had my 3rd boys :)


Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

We had SUCH a hard time thinking of any boy names this time. I had actually chosen Jackson, but my husband said no because we used to have a cat named Jack. :-)

Good luck!!!

Becky said...

I love the name Grayson ummm maybe because it is my last name LOL. I have never heard of a girl named Grayson? Wow I would have never thought.

Our youngest son's name is Aubrey. It was my FIL's name. He has been mistaken for a girl over and over and this was 25 years ago. I had never heard of it used as a girl's name until very recently. I still love his name.

Are there any mddle names in your family (FIL or Dad) that you could pair up with Grayson?

I really love Grayson and it is a strong sounding name to me.

hyperactive lu said...

So now I know why you made that comment in the email... Ha! I wondered how you knew you were having a boy! Duh! Ha! I love Grayson :) Its my son's name and my maiden its particularly special to me!!! I also like Jackson and would name no 3 Jackson- if its a boy and if my husband liked it! :(

Congrats on finding out the sex!! We've done family names with both middle names for our boys.

cutiepiescustomcreations said...

I really like was on my list last time! I have heard of it for a boy or a girl, but I associate it with a boy. My oldest sons name is Hayden and I have heard it used for girls too. This same son has a boy and a girl in his class this year with the names Camryn/Cameron and Dylan.

Brett & Laurie said...

Hmmm, I hadn't heard of Grayson being used as a girl's name. But hey!, anything goes these days!
We have four boys, our youngest being 12. I really like the name Ransom for a boy.~~This also helps because Ransom was a character in a book I read to the boys and he was a strong courageous young man!
Congratulations!~~It's Great fun having a tribe of boys!!~ I know, we had all of ours in less than 4 years.

Anonymous said...

My nephew's name is Grayson. I like it better spelled Greyson, because I think as an adult he could go by Grey (I don't know but I'm a weirdo and prefer the E than the A). But I always think of the name Grayson as a child's name, which I know he will always be your baby, but I wonder if it is a good adult name?!

Also, I have never come across a girl names Grayson I think the SON parts makes it a boy name :)

Good luck!

Hoping for a Miracle~~ said...

I love the name Grayson! We are adopting and I have been trying to pick names out and I like that for a boy but it doesn't fit with our last name....

I like Jackson too, but I think its more popular....but I really like Grayson the best! Not sure about middle name...I agree with some others any family names that would fit with it???

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've just started my blog and visited other blogs, and came upon yours. I think Grayson is a nice name. A name I really like is Garrison what do you think ?? Good luck in your search, and congratulations.

mcveggie said...

I like grayson, and definetly think its a boys name. I'm not too keen on jackson though. Its too popular for my taste, and it always reminds me of michael Jackson, ick.
Good luck, its so hard choosing names!

Anonymous said...

My little grandson is Jackson Mark. Good luck. Choosing a name is special so I wish you good luck. Joan

Kebi Cedawna said...

I like Luke or Kyler.
My boyfriend's family has a Matthew, a Mark, and a John so... if we have a little boy some day his name will be Luke :) Kindof cheesey but I love biblical names.

Daily Momma said...

For some reason I see Graysen as the feminine version of Grayson. I haven't heard it used much so of course I like that. The only down side is it reminds me of Batman. lol! But that's not really a bad thing!

How about Kai! lol

crystal said...

Hi Girlie
I think that Grayson /Greyson is a great name for a boy!!
It is still unique with out being weird/crazy or feminine at all in my opinion:)
I remember when i fell for the Boy Name Devin!! One of the first times i ever heard it was in that Billy Idol Video..for a girl!!
Whatever did not fit:)

Celeste said...

Hi Dee!!

Please don't be offended - but I personally don't care for Grayson or Jackson. I have this weird "thing" about first names being like last names...I don't know why, I just have a weird thing about it. I did know a little boy named Grayson...and his brothers' names were Gunnar and Gage (yeah, his parents liked 'G' names I guess lol).

I have never heard of a girl named Grayson, but that actually wouldn't surprise me. I'm a preschool teacher, and I had a girl in my class last year named Carter. Also, a few years ago I had a girl in my class named Tanner. I totally agree with you about not wanting your child to have a gender-neutral name...I don't like there to be any "question" as to whether your child is a girl or boy.

I hope you haven't got annoyed with me! Sorry, I just really have a strange obsession with names - weird, I know. And I do believe that boys names are hard to come up with, you don't want them to be too popular, but then you don't want them to be too "out there."

Celeste said...

Okay - I'm back!! You've really got me going on! Okay, I went over to a baby names site and looked up the meanings of Grayson & Jackson, don't know if meanings really matter anything to you, but I just found it fun to find out (and maybe others would like to know too).

Grayson = gray-haired; pleasant
Jackson = Jack's son (well, I could have guessed that! lol)

Also, here's some of the names that came up when I hit "similar names" under Grayson:
Jackson - hey looky there!!! :)
Hayden...but gender neutral
Greyson (different spelling)
Parker...but gender neutral
Addison...but gender neutral

Under Jackson:
A lot of the same ones that came up under Grayson, but here are some new ones that came up;


Just thought I'd mention those "similar" ones, just for fun. :)

Lori A. said...

I've never personally heard of a girl named Grayson but I wouldn't doubt it's been used.
We named our son Dylan Jacob. :)

3boyzmom said...

I have 3 boys, and for my last one, we picked the name like at the last minute...Dominic!!! We love it too!!! Grayson sounds kind of old fashioned to me.....

Painter Mommy said...

I like the name Grayson! Go for it!

Plowlady said...

Why don't you have an idea..and then when he's born, decide....example: I always wanted a biblical name...and then there was a death in the family and I was going to name my son after that was set. The day he was born, he had midnight blue eyes and did not look like that name at all....a few days prior to his birth, we just happened to be watching a western and the good guy name was 's'...when my son was born, we couldn't decide either, so they were going to name him baby boy 'j'..NO WAY! we said, hmmm...what about that good guy (biblical name)...and I looked at my son with those midnight eyes and yep..that was it...the name from the western movie character AND the biblical name I always wanted....and you should see it in writing-it's soooo handsome! that was 22 yrs ago and I STILL love his name!

mariannakeough at

Alexis AKA MOM said...

It's so hard with names, I named our last son Caden and so many people said it was a girls name. I just didn't see it, but who knows these days.

I didn't read all the comments so this may have already been said but I looked up Grayson and it said:

Grayson Britsh Boy name meaning son of gray haired one :) I like it doesn't sound like a girl to me but hey as I've said first I may just be on the wrong line.

Nancy said...

I like the name Grayson, but I love the name Jackson. "Jack" when he's an adult is such a strong manly name. :)

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I guess Grayson could be a girls name I never thought of it as a girls name before you mentioned it. Jackson is a pretty popular name lately. I don't have any suggestions though. I read through my baby name book every night before I went to bed while I was pregnant, I was obsessed.

Jessica said...

I have never heard it as a girls name. I grew up with a guy name Grayson. He was super good looking too!

I just had a girl friend name her some GREYSON (with an "e") His middle name is ERIN (I know girly). However, I think Greyson Aaron sounds so cute! Good luck! We have two boys and are working on the girl!

The Harris Family said...

I LOVE the name Jackson & Grayson. I have a friend whose son is names Grayson and I also have a cousin whose daughter's middles name is Grayson...I guess it can go both ways, however I think of a BOY first when I hear it.

I also have two boys and I had a hard time with naming the 2nd one as well, then it just came to me. Maybe it will happen that way for you as well. GOOD LUCK!

Congratulations on #2!

Mel Fraase said...

Our littlest is Jackson Creed... I have a friend who's boy is a Grayson, but spells it differently. I think Grayson would be cute for a girl, but she'd probably get mistaken on paper for a boy :)
Good Luck!

Nadine said...

Boy names are hard! I remember my husband and I fighting over a boy name BEFORE we found out that our 2nd was in fact a girl. THAT saved our marriage ;)

babysmama said...

I love the name Grayson. My mom suggested it for my last son but my last name starts with a G and that was too much me. I think its a boy name..I was thinkin Grace is like the girl version. I like Jackson too it sounds important ;) Boys names are the hardest to pick. If you like really differnet names I know a Cash and I think that's cute. His grandma always says"I don't need much money..I have a little Cash." I have a Kaleb and a Jace of my own and I always get good reactions from their names. Good luck!

Erin said...

I love the name Grayson. I knew of a boy names Grayson but never a girl. I doubt it's popular enough to have him run into a girl in school with that name, but who knows? i could be wrong. Anyway, it's a great name.

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