NotMe Monday #11

1. This weekend was NOT absolutely beautiful! It was NOT 68-78 degrees all weekend!

2. We did NOT spend ALL weekend outside playing and enjoying the beautiful weather. It has been in the 50s the past week or two with one or two days even being in the 40s which is COLD for here!

3. I was NOT so tired last night that I went to bed when my little man did at 8:45.

4. I did NOT send hubby out to the store when I was going to bed to get some milk, potatoes, and whipping cream to make potato soup today. If I was having a craving I would always run to the store myself and NOT send hubby! :)

5. I do NOT have a big headache this morning and I am NOT about to go lay down on the couch and rest. I do NOT hope that Evan will play nicely!

6. I do NOT have two giveaways ending tonight and would never include them in my NotMe Monday post. BUT, if you wanted to enter, there aren't that many entries and has been choosing high numbers. All of my giveaways are listed on my sidebar but the Spa Baby Tub and the Miracle Blanket giveaways are the ones ending tonight!

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Mighty M said...

I love that your hubby is willing to do the store run for you so you can have your soup. That's a keeper. And I did not feel at all jealous about your gorgeous weather you did not have. ;-)

Julie said...

Your hubby has to take care of all your cravings. That's an unwritten rule! LOL!

Hope you're able to get lots of rest & your headache goes bye-bye!

Erica said...

Enjoying our weather too! Take some tylenol, I kept waking up last night w/a headache, till finally I got up and took something, I felt better the next time I woke up! Have a great Monday!

shopannies said...

I loved this weekend as well and I do not know about you but today is just as nice

April said...

Enjoy your soup....hope you feel better!

emily said...

Ummm...potato soup...yummy!! Great Not Me Monday!

Anonymous said...

OH no, now I have a craving for potato soup!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Potato soup sounds delicious!

Wayne said...

Great not me monday,

I was also wondering Would you like to take part in Tribute tuesday?. It's a blog I made and its a chance to say thankyou to that some one in your life who has made the world a better place for you. It has mr linky so the world can see your tribute to that special person

LucieP said...

aw hope you get to feeling better!
potato soup sounds yummy!

NateAndJakesMom said...

I am NOT totally jealous (I read your hammock post too) that you all have great weather as I look at a 4 foot wall of snow outside my front door. I live in Sunny Southern California! What gives?!
Love your blog Dee!

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