NotMe Monday #10

1. I was NOT excited about the Super Bowl ONLY for the food! YUM!!

2. I did NOT make a super cute cookie cake shaped like a football for the game!

3. I was NOT upset whem my ALMOST 18 month old decided he didn't want to sleep on Saturday night! At least he let Mommy sleep a lot last night! :)

4. I did NOT make chocolate chip cookies TWICE last week.

5. My son did NOT just dump the rest of a box of cereal on the floor....fantastic!

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Julie said...

The food is the whole reason to watch the superbowl!! :)

Faith said...

Too funny, I'm not a football person either so the food was the reason I was excited too.

April said...

Happy Monday Dee! My girls actually got into the football game this year...they are taking after their mom lives for football!

Mighty M said...

You've got to have the football cake! It makes "watching" the game so much more exciting. And of course all the other food too!

Anonymous said...

Oh man...the cereal on the floor. Sorry.

Betsy said...

Dude, I want some cookies!!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I have been craving cookies lately, no not craving like pregnant cravings but I've been wanting some cookies so bad!

I feel you on the not sleeping thing, it is a bummer!

Patrice said...

Yum cookies sound so good! hehe

Anonymous said...
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