More Winners

Many of my giveaways are ending in the next two days!! Be sure you've entered them all!!

Also, if you say you're following my blog or that you tweeted, make sure you are/did. I had to skip over at least 5 people who said they did various things and they didn't.

Now for the winners......

Baby Dipper Bowl with 252 comments- LeeAnn

Zoli Travel Dispenser from Let's Go Strolling with 197 comments- Michelle

MediBag 4 Kids with 339 comments- Ann

Please visit these sponsors when you're in need of these products!

Don't forget about the Let's Go Strolling Coupon Code!!
You can purchase the ZoLi Travel Formula or Snack Dispenser for $15.00. You can use the code TWO10 for 10% off a Zoli Travel Dispenser OR TWO100 for $10 off any order of $100 or more!(Expires 3/1/09) Pin It!
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