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My parents always encouraged me in everything that I wanted to do. They always told me that I was successful. Now looking back at videos of me in dance or basketball, I laugh at myself. I was absolutely AWFUL! I see how much my parents wanted me to feel special and succeed. I also know that being in these activities made me the outspoken person that I am.

Children can be mean to each other and I believe it is our job as parents to make each child feel special and know that they are great! Sometimes they need reminders of just how magnificent they really are.

Thanks to Family Review Network, I was able to review the Manifest Your Magnificence Cards For Kids.


Each box has 64 affirmation cards for children ages 6-12. The cards say things such as I am Magnificent, I am Responsible, and I am Caring.

Susan T Howson is the creator of Manifest Your Magnificence. She is dedicated to developing self esteem in children and has over 20 years of experience in education and leadership development in the social services sector. She believes that we are born perfect and sometimes things are said or done to make us forget who we are.

I couldn't agree with her more. I have an 11 year old sister that has always been very confident and outspoken. This past year, a teacher called her out in front of the class about something she didn't even do. Because of this and starting a new school, my sister was deeply hurt.

We saw a change in her and could tell that her confidence was no longer present. She wasn't our happy, carefree girl that we had always known. Someone told her she wasn't as good and embarrassed her in front of her peers and that is all it took to make it where she no longer felt magnificent.

At the time, we didn't know about these cards and I wish we would have. I think that if we had been reinforcing what these cards say since she was really little, she wouldn't have taken it so hard. She has bounced back a little after us continuing to tell her that she is fantastic, caring, loving, and so many other things that she is.

As soon as I got these cards, I started to work with her. We would go over several of the cards and I would give examples of HOW she is what these cards say. I would tell her things that she has done that makes these cards true. I even got her to tell me some things that she has done that are relevant to the cards.


These 64 cards are meant to make children KNOW that they are magnificent. You can be as creative as you'd like in having your child express how these cards relate to them. They can write, talk, draw, sing, act, dance, or even just carry the card with them for a reminder of who they are.

On the front of each card there is an I AM statement with a little more detail on the back. For example, the I am Conscientious card has I always do what I know is right written on the back.

Not only is there a set of cards from Manifest Your Magnificence, but they have also come out with a CD to reinforce these positive thoughts. The website has many other products that you can find here.

I will start working with my children with these cards as soon as they are old enough to understand. I will constantly praise them and point out things that they do that makes them magnificence. I never want them to forget the perfect person that they already are!

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You can purchase the set of 64 colorful Manifest Your Magnificence cards are $25.95. The Audio CD is $15.95. Pin It!


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What a terrific self esteem builder. Very cool!

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