NotMe Monday #9

1. I did NOT dance around the house most of the week because my little man is immitating me! I did NOT put a little jump into all the dances because it is soo funny to watch my 17 month old try to jump!

2. I did NOT get ice cream AFTER my kid went to bed because I didn't want to share! IF I did, it would be because it would make him hyper.....NOT because I wanted it all to myself!

3. I do NOT hope that my early ultrasound was wrong and that this IS actually a girl(even though I would totally love to have another boy)! There is always hope! Those early ultrasounds alwasy turn out wrong....right?

4. I did NOT get my blog redesigned by Hilary at Simply Yours Designs! And I am definately NOT hoping that you add my NEW button that Lolli made for me to match!

4. I am NOT super excited about the bloggy giveaway carnival this week and hope I make some new friends!

5. I do NOT hope that you've entered most, if not all of the giveaways I have going on! I KNOW some of them are for babies, but don't you know SOMEONE who is having/has a baby?

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Julie said...

I do the same thing with food I don't want to share. Naptime is usually when I indulge! :)

Mighty M said...

I love the part about not sharing your ice cream. Sounds like something I might do. Or not. I definitely also do not dance around my house singing because it's so cute to watch my daughter doing it.

Jennifer said...

Awesome NMMs. I hear you on the ice-cream. ;)

Jaime said...

That is so funny about the ice cream! I do the same thing. I have eaten many a chocolate chip cookies between the hour of 8 & 9 pm so my son won't try and steal them from me!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog design and I've already snagged your button! I'm getting my blog made over this week too! (by somebody else as I hadn't heard of the one you used) I can picture you jumping in front of your baby. So cute!

Betsy said...

I hear you on the ice cream! I do that ALL THE TIME!!

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