NotMe Monday #8

1. I did NOT want to just stay in bed all morning. When little man woke up, I did NOT go and get him and lay him in bed with me hoping he'd go back to sleep! He did lay there for about 10 min with me though snuggling! :)

2. Little Man was NOT horrible at church yesterday, which is his EVERY Sunday. He will not stay in the nursery and wants to get down and run in church! Oh what to do?

3. I do NOT wish I had some chocolate ice cream so that I can make a milkshake....yeah, I know its only 8 am!

4. I did NOT hope that it would snow just a little last night like they said it might! Oh well!

5. I do NOT wish I knew what this baby was! They had an extra 50% off of clearance prices at Old Navy this weekend and Target had 50% off of many of their baby items! If it is another boy, I'm all set! If it IS a girl(think pink!) then I'm going to need some clothes and 50% off would have been nice!

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Anonymous said...

The snuggling....awwwwwwww. I see nothing wrong with chocolate ice cream at 8 am, especially when you're pregnant. There's your excuse right there! ;)

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

We have plenty of snow for you if you want some!!

I love when the boys snuggle in bed with us - its just so infrequent these days...unless they are sick.

Mighty M said...

Eat the ice cream while your pregnant and can get away with it! :-)

April said...

Chocolate ice cream for breakfast sounds yummy! As for the church problem, I would just take him to the nursery and let him cry a little. I'm sure that the tears would not last long and then he would be lovin it.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the insight into what you did NOT do this week. I am going to participate too.

Jennifer said...

Milkshakes are an excellent food, even at 8am.

Great NMMs.

Betsy said...

I LOVE ice cream!! And I will gladly send you some of my pink dust, I seem to have an abundance, my poor husband!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

A milkshake does sounds good. I'm not even pregnant but I think you have passed on your craving to me!

Nutty mom-- said...

Hey you can always buy the super cute clothes in either gender, and then return them when you know what you're having.....I've NEVER done that :)

Cher said...

Your list is too cute!

Also, I have awarded you the Lemonade Award! Thanks for the great blog!

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