NotMe Monday #7

1. We did NOT go to the zoo AGAIN yesterday! We should know everything about every animal by now! But we have lots of fun and are definitely getting our money out of our membership! :)

2. We did NOT go and get doughnuts after we walked around the zoo because the HOT sign was out! YUM...I did NOT eat three. LOL...I ate more calories than I walked off!!

3. I am NOT addicted to my sister's Wii! I am the bowling champ! :)

4. I do NOT wish it was summer so we could go swimming today! It doesn't snow here, but the weather goes from warmish one day, to cold the next! I'm not a fan of the cold!

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Julie said...

Bowling is my favorite on the Wii! I'm a far. :)

What's wrong with 3 donuts?! You're eating for two!!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

oh we havent been to the zoo in forever and "easy" LOVES it!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on being the bowling camp. Doughnuts are a weakness of mine.

Nutty mom-- said...

hehe we went swimming yesterday at the gym's family swim time.....indoor pool, yay! :)

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

OMG I am CRACKIN' UP! I love it! Oh how that HOT sign draws us like bugs to a light....

Happy Not Me Monday!

THANKS for the sock website! I am a HAPPY lady!

LucieP said...

ugh the snow!

I love the Wii too...we got it for Christmas...I bowled a 193 the other day! Have you done the Wii fitness part? The youngest I've scored is 33 yrs old..!

Toni said...

What a neat meme. I think if I had a Wii I would never be off of it.

Betsy said...

Thinking that I would have eaten three doughnuts too, espcially warm!

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