NotMe Monday #4

This is my fourth NotMe Monday! Feel free to jump in and join us!

1. I did NOT get mad at hubby when he ate some of my Andes Mints! I would never do that because if I bought them...they were for OUR house! :)...Even though I WAS the one who bought them!

2. I did NOT have TWO Christmas parties this weekend...AND a family reunion.

3. I do NOT just want to go take a nap!

4. I am NOT tired of Evan squealing when he doesn't get his way.

5. I did NOT eat WAY too much at those Christmas parties and family reunion this weekend!

6. My nerves are NOT shot! I am totally calm and NOTHING is getting on my last nerve!

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Julie said...

You're supposed to eat too much during the holidays. I think it's a rule. :)

April said...

Don't worry about the eating too's Christmas...enjoy yourself and make up for it in January!

I have a special hiding place for my should hide your Andes Mints!

Betsy said...

Reminds me of one I missed, I did not get mad at my husband when he ate some of 'our' (by our I mean my) cookies, and shared them with the kids. He doesn't seem to understand that they are fricken 2.50 a box!! I buy cheaper cookies for the kids for a reason!!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I think Julie is HAVE to eat too much right now, its all a part of the holiday season!!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

great list! I will have to join in when i get the chance :)

Mrs B said...

I would never have eaten some of your Andes if I was at your house either! I am a PERFECT house guest! :)

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