Minui HandySitt Review

Do you ever get tired of going into your kitchen and a big bulky high chair is taking up so much room? I try and stash ours in the corner, but it is still such an eyesore!

I found a fantastic way to fix that problem! I was sent a minui HandySitt portable high chair and have fallen in love! You hardly even notice that it is there and it fits on pretty much any type of chair!

Here is a picture of Evan in his minui HandySitt this morning

SEE, you barely even notice it! This is IT, and it folds up FLAT! Just throw it in closet if you don't want it out, or in the backseat if you need to take it with you!

Some Features Of The Minui HandSitt
-New, better design
-It is completely portable and can easily even be packed into a suitcase
-Measures 21"x3"x12" when folded
-ONLY 5 pounds
-Super easy to use
-Setting it up and taking it down only takes moments
-lasting Danish design
-Brings children right up to the table
-Backrest encourages strong posture
-Has safety guard and crotch strap that you can keep on there until the child is old enough to use it as a booster instead of a highchair(2-3years)
-One of the safest high chairs on the market as certified by TUV
-Adjusts to securely fit most styles of chairs, even those with rounded backs!
-Designed for kids 6 months to 5 years old
-Made with Steel and FSC-certified birch
-All paint and varnish finishes are formaldehyde free
-The plastic guard contains NO phthalates
-Comes in 7 different finishes to match the style of your house/chairs
-Priced well below other well crafted European high chairs, the minui HandySitt is only $150 and shipping is FREE

The minui HandySitt does fit on pretty much any type of chair! To make sure it would work on yours, go visit THIS page on the Minui HandySitt website.

Our Thoughts On The Minui HandySitt
We all think that the minui HandySitt is absolutely fantastic! My parents, brother, and sister were over when we opened the box. We had it out of the box and in one of our chairs within 5 minutes! It is so easy to use and put up. I was concerned that it might not fit with our chairs and table because they are higher up and I thought that Evan wouldn't be able to sit at the table with the minui HandySitt! I was totally wrong!

We adjusted it to fit our chair and put him in there. When we scooted him up to the table and he was so excited! Every time that he sits in there now he thinks he is such a big shot! He grins from ear to ear and is so happy to be sitting AT the table with us!

I love it because now I don't have to use the high chair and I can get it out of my kitchen! AND, its so small that you hardly even notice it sitting in the chair! He can even use it as a booster up until he's about 5. When he's 2-3 years old and hopefully isn't squirming around as much, I can even take the safety guard out from in front of him so it can be used solely as a booster!

I am excited to be able to let him sit at the table and draw or play with play dough! Before, we were having to do it on the floor because the high chair doesn't work as well with art projects! :) Now, I can put newspaper down and then put his drawing paper on top of that so that my little artist can go to work at the table!

I think it is amazing that it folds up FLAT and I can stash it in the closet if we need too. AND, I can take it to my mom's house to use! We were using this plastic thing that you put in the chair that has a tray. With the minui HandySitt, I can just fold it up and throw it in the backseat to take with us ANYWHERE! Then, I can put it in almost ANY type of chair and just scoot him up to the table!

Right now you can buy the minui HandySitt on their website HERE. They are $150 and shipping is FREE!!!! Pin It!


Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

I wish they had that when my kids were little. Very cool.

By the way, I've got an award for you.

Krisi and Adam said...

Wow this looks awesome - and great how it can fit any chair.

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