Join Me To "Bring In The New Year With Style"

I have some amazing giveaways going on and I want to thank all of the sponsors that have made that happen! BUT, I'm not done yet!

Starting the beginning of January, I will be posting AMAZING giveaways throughout the month. I have so many great giveaways that I will be bringing to you during January! So go and have fun during the holidays, then come back to relax and enter some fantastic giveaways!

To enter is EASY! For the most part, your entry into each giveaway will be to go to each sponsor's website and leave a comment on your favorite product!

There will also be many extra entries that you can earn. Each giveaway will have a list of super easy extra entries!

January Giveaways
-Snack And Play Travel Tray(ends 1/31)

-Zipper Bottom Bag(ends 1/31)

-Diaper Case (ends 1/31)

-Custom Photo Pendant (ends 1/31)

-PopATot(ends 1/31)

-DaBib in your choice of style and color(ends 2/1)

-Slanket (ends 2/1)

-Sock Grams-TWO Winners(ends 2/1)

-Boon Frog Pod (ends 2/1)

-Boon Potty Bench (ends 2/1)

-Baby Dipper Bowl And Spoon Set (ends 2/2)

-Zoli Travel Formula or Snack Dispenser from Let's Go Strolling (ends 2/3)

-Precious Girls Club-TWO winners(ends 2/3)

-MediBag 4 Kids (ends 2/3)

-20 4x6 Custom Valentines Day Photo Cards by Cutie Pies Custom Creations (ends 1/25)

-Tailored Tadpole Pillowcase (ends 2/4)

-Choice Of Leg Warmers (ends 2/4)

-A Pair Of Baby Shoes Of Your Choice (ends 2/4)

- Fountain Jet Soda Lover's Starter Kit (ends 2/4)

Comments on THIS post do NOT count as an entry into the giveaways. You must visit each giveaway and follow the entry rules!

An extra entry into EVERY giveaway will be to add my "Bring In The New Year With Style Button". You will get TWO extra entries into each giveaway by blogging about these January giveaways and including my button in that post!

Go ahead and put this button(Thanks Crystal!) on your blog so you don't forget! Pin It!


Betsy said...

Sweet! I am adding your new button now! Just remind me when January is over to take it off! lol.

Brooks said...

Just added your new button!

Liz said...

You know I'm all over this one!! Going to add your new (and pretty) button now!!

The Mom said...

Ooh and it's pretty and sparkly!

I'm adding it right now!

Ann said...

Sounds like fun!!!!

Kimberly5 said...

I just added your button :)

Megryansmom said...

Adding your button now

Anonymous said...

I've got your button up and I'm ready to go!

Joanne said...

I grabbed your button earlier this week. I am looking forward to your contests!

Jennifer said...

Your button is up and I am all ready. :)

Cher said...

Just posted your button on my site.

Mrs4444 said...

Hello! Followed the bread crumbs from Jen's blog (Cheaper Than Therapy) and have the button up and ready! :)

Ann said...

I'm looking forward to this!
What a great way to start 2009.
Crystal made a perfect button for you, too! I've just added it to my little blog world.

Anonymous said...


It's The Bullocks said...

Added your button and it IS cute!

Katrina said...

love the button.
glad to help.
katrina in AZ

Anonymous said...

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