Thanks to Team Mom, I was able to see a trailer of Delgo and and an exclusive image!

They are working with an independent film studio called Fathom Studios. Fathom Studios has been producing award winning computer animation since 1991! Delgo is their first independently produced film and will be in theatres on Dec 12th!

About Delgo

This super cute movie has a fantastic voice cast which includes Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr, Anne Bancroft, Val Kilmer, Michael Clarke Duncan, Chris Kattan, and many more!

Delgo is about the division of two cultures in a magical land of Jhamora. Delgo(Freddie Prinze Jr.) and Princess Kyla(Jennifer Love Hewitt)form an unlikely friendship that cause both of their cultures Turmoil. The exiled Emporess(Anne Bancroft) takes this opportunity to seek her revenge and try to take control!

Princess Kyla finds herself in trouble and Delgo and his best friend, Filo(Chris Kattan), go on an adventure to help her! They have to travel through mysterious lands and join forces with their biggest enemy, Bogardus (Val Kilmer). They learn many valuable life lessons on their adventure.
This 90 minute, PG rated film was recently awarded “Best Feature Film” at Anima Mundi 2008 by an audience of approximately 100,000!

My Thoughts On Delgo
I can't wait to go see this movie! The images are fantastic and there are so many amazing lessons to be learned by all! The cast is outstanding and this movie seems to be full of adventure that I want to see! I hope that you will want to take your family to see it as well! It is rated PG so the whole family can enjoy it!

See It
Delgo will be out in theatres nationwide on Dec 12th. To see the trailers and learn more, visit their website HERE! Pin It!


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Congrats! You won my blog's Pillsbury basket giveaway.

Nice blog you have! There are so many good kids movies this month.

Lisa said...

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Kimberly5 said...

Wow, I havn't heard of this movie and it opens this month, even better. Thanks for talking about it.

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