Busy Weekend

I'm sorry I've been a little MIA the past few days! We had a few Christmas parties this weekend and a family reunion today! My brother had to use my computer tonight so I wasn't able to get on and read up on other blogs like I wanted to!

As the holidays get closer, I'm sure most of us will continue to be MIA! I will be posting two new reviews tomorrow and my NotMe Monday! :)

Don't forget to play with me on Tuesday and link up for my Totally Talented Tuesday! Be on the lookout for all the talent going on in your house!

I've had so much fun this weekend but I am completely exhausted and will be going to bed shortly! Did you have any holiday fun going on this past weekend?

We won a citizen women's watch at hubby's Christmas party on Saturday!!! I'm so excited about it! Its super cute and has 12 diamonds around the face. I do wish it was silver in color instead of gold!

Evan had fun too and got to sit on Santa's lap again! He wasn't so great for most of the party, though! I thought this year he'd be so much better, but he just wanted to get down and run. I'm already thinking about how hard it is going to be at the Christmas party NEXT year with a tiny baby AND a two year old! :)

We also got Evan's "big" Christmas present on Friday and I want to get it out and play with it so bad! :) We wont have to wait too long! I can't believe we have less than 2 weeks until Christmas. It feels like Christmas was just here! Pin It!


Betsy said...

Poo. I got that stupid capcha thing wrong and closed the page too fast, lost my comment! UGH!

I was gonna say that is why "normal" people have kids, so they have an excuse to play with the toys! :)

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