WarmMe Warm Mouse Review

I have been trying out the WarmMe Warm Mouse for a few days now since receiving it to review! I was excited to hook it up and keep my hands and fingers warm! I'm not too savvy when it comes to hooking things into our computer but even I was able to do it!!

What Is It?
The press release states that it is an ergonomic, infrared, heated computer mouse. Sandra came up with the idea of the WarmMe Mouse after years of working in a cold office with the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This mouse looks and functions just like any other mouse, the only difference is, THIS mouse wont make your hands cold! It has an easy on/off button located on the cord(look at the picture above) so you can turn it off when you're not near your computer.

A few features of the WarmMe Mouse:
-The design minimizes pressure on your wrist and arm.
-Keeps your hand and fingers warm.
-It improves circulation to your hand and fingers from the natural infrared rays.
-Can help reverse damage from overworked joints.
-Reduces the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrom through warming the 3 key points of the palm.
-Reduces pain and stiffness from arthritis.
-Works with any PC, MAC or laptop, using USB interface.
-Accurate 800dpi, optical 2-button scrolling mouse.
-Easy to use on/off button.

My Thoughts On The WarmMe Mouse
After I was able to plug it in by myself, I turned it on immediately. After about a minute, it was warmed up and ready for me to use! My fingers are ALWAYS cold and I always have to take breaks to get my fingers warm! LOL, the fastest way to do that is usually to sit on my hands! It gets them warm and working again fast! Since using my WarmMe Mouse, I can keep on using the computer without having to take breaks to warm my fingers! My fingers AND hand stay warm. As soon as Andrew got home from work I made him sit down and use it as well! He was as impressed as I was! My brother came over last night and was using my computer and told me that the WarmMe Mouse was the best idea he had heard of in a long time! I will NOT be going back to my old mouse!

Buy It!
If you're like me and always have cold hands and fingers while on the computer, or if you're suffering from joint paint or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you REALLY need the WarmMe Mouse! Once you try in you'll never use your old mouse again!

You can but one on the WarmME Mouse Website for $29.99 OR you can buy TWO for $24.99 each! Pin It!


Betsy said...

I don't even use a mouse! lol. One of the perks of a laptop! :)

MamaJoss said...

Thanks for sharing....great gift idea for my mom who does medical transcription...and she's always cold!!

Kristina P. said...

I have never even heard of this! But I love warmness.

NHmommy said...

An awesome little gadget (wish I had thought of it). Wish I had it in my old office and house. My hand would get sooo cold!

Awesome Blogger said...

A warming mouse works great inside a mouse hand warmer blanket. The blanket keeps the top of your hand covered so your mouse hand is not exposed at all.

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