SICK Waiting Room

This morning we got up bright and early and headed to the doctor for Evan's 15 month well visit. We were sitting there chatting it up with another mom and her baby in the WELL waiting room.

In comes a dad with his daughter in flip flops. YES, I do live in the south but this morning was probably the coldest morning so far this fall. I think it was 40something outside...NOT flip flop weather. We overhear him telling the receptionist that his daughter has been throwing up and has a sore throat. Poor little girl!

THEN, he comes into the WELL waiting room and sits right beide Evan. GREAT! I mean I totally give the guy props for bringing in his daughter without mom...I don't see that very often. BUT, there are HUGE signs that say WELL waiting room and SICK waiting room.

The other mom in the WELL waiting room has a two week old baby who definately doesn't need to be around a sick child. That mom ended up saying something to me very nicely about how there should be a well waiting room sign INSIDE the well waiting room so people can see it if they accidentally go in there. He ended up going into the sick waiting room when he had to take some paper work back up to the front. I know that there isn't TOO much separating the sick and well room, but the last thing I need is for a sick little girl to sit right beside my well little boy! I think they were in there with us for at least 10 minutes before finally going over to the SICK waiting room!

Lets hope we dont get sick! Pin It!


The Mom said...

Our ped's don't even have a separate area!

Betsy said...

Our's doesnt' either... I can imagine how frustrating it would be if we did. Usually when I had my LITTLE babies, they just stuck me in a room until it was our turn...

Lisa, Matt and Allison said...

Oh yuck. The hospital in WA had a whole separate office for well baby visits. The sick babies were on the other side of the hospital. Hopefully Evan doesn't get sick.

Chelle said...

Oh, that's so annoying! Especially when there is such a little baby in the same room...!

Jen said...

Our pediatric practice has 2 separate areas but sometimes the sick area is just too crowded for me. If we have to go, I tell the receptionist that we're waiting in the hallway. Too many coughs and drippy bodily fluids for me.

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