On Edge

I am completely on edge. I'm down to my LAST nerve and Evan is STOMPING on it! :)

Now that I think about it, I remember every little thing getting on my nerves especially at the beginning of my pregnancy with Evan. BUT, I was also working Christmas in Retail while in my first trimester with Evan! I thought I'd be more relaxed this time around!

I feel sorry for my family because I'm taking it out on them! Usually, I'm an extremely laid back person. Nothing really gets to me and I just shrug my shoulders and keep going!

Today, I've already said NO at least 300 times to Evan and the little girl that I sometimes watch because they wanted to take the ornaments off the tree. THEN, every time she gets near Evan, he does this high pitched squeal thing! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Its driving me nuts! Hubby finally came home from hunting(duck hunting started today) but he's to tired to really help because he got up so early!

All three of them-hubby included-are taking naps now! I'm venting a little and then I may go take a nap myself! Hopefully I'll wake up on the RIGHT side of bed!

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A Family Completed... said...

Aww Dee I feel for you. Taking care of little ones while going through "hormonal" changes can be rough. With Owen I was so tired I would fall asleep everywhere and I felt so bad for Lindsey... Thankfully she never got into anything. I hope this phase passes quickly and flutter's come soon. Im all excited, lol

Betsy said...

I TOTALLY know how you feel. I feel like I am constatnly telling M and N no. Its not bad enough I am expecting, but then I have these two, and work, and school. I am barely keeping myself sane. I hope it gets better soon!

Niki said...

hi, just came over via a comment on my blog. Great stuff. I just followed you on twitter. Talk soon

Anonymous said...


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