Need A Gift For The Men In Your Life?

Every Man Jack is the solution to getting the men in your life smelling and looking fantastic! With Christmas coming up, why not have them be their best! Best of all, it wont cost you a fortune!

Ritch Viola created Every Man Jack with high-quality formulas and all-natural ingredients. He states, "When creating the Every Man Jack line, we wanted to take a realistic approach to men's grooming, providing straight forward and masculine products that men wouldn't be embarrassed to buy, use, or talk about."

Every Man Jack has a few scents, with these being the basic ones:
Tea Tree

Products include:
-shampoo and conditioner 2-1 -$8 for 15oz
-styling products- $5-$8
-body bars- 3 for $5
-body wash-$5 for 12oz
-body scrub-$5
-face lotion-$5
-skin clearing-$5
-SPF lotion-$5
-Lip Balm-$3
-pre shave(wash and scrub)-$5
-shave gel-$4
-shave cream-$5
-post shave (gel and lotion)-$3-$5
-travel kits
-starter kits
-holiday kits

Every Man Jack sent me the two new holiday kits. Just like all of the other products from Every Man Jack, these kits are free of tallow, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate and parabens. These kits can be used by anyone!

Cedarwood Body Kit
-12oz body wash(coconut derived surfactants cleanse, essential oils invigorate and stimulate the senses, and glycerin helps gather and retain moisture)

-8oz body bar(100% vegetable based and contain marine extracts to soothe and moisturize)

-4.2oz face lotion(light, non-greasy formula deeply hydrates and heals dry skin and will not block pores)

-PLUS bonus travel save kit(Signature Mint face wash, shave cream, face lotion, and SPF 15 lip balm)

Signature Holiday Shave Kit
-6oz face wash(coconut-derived surfactants to gently cleanse, while chamomile extract soothes and glycerin hydrates)

-6.7oz shave cream(Squalance derived from wheat germ lubricates and softens, olive oil extract hydrates, chamomile soothes and aloe heals)

-4.2oz face lotion(non-greasy formula that deeply hydrates and heals dry skin and will not block pores)

-PLUS bonus travel hair+body kit(Signature-Mint 1-in-1 shampoo, body wash, body bar, and SPF 15 lip balm)

Our Thoughts On Every Man Jack
As soon as these two kits came in the mail, I opened them up so I could smell them! :) They were both very clean scents and not too overwhelming like many men's brands are! The signature is more of a minty smell and is extremely pleasant! I would describe the cedarwood as a little more rugged clean smell! I definitely couldn't choose which scent that I like the best. I opened the travel kits up and I am now addicted to the lip balm! With the weather getting cooler, my lips have started to be more dry. I put the signature lip balm on and my lips were smooth and moist for a LONG time! I have used it several times a day since we got it! I have even used the lotion and body bar. Both leave my skin feeling moisturized!

Andrew has used both the body kit AND the Shave kit. I love the smell of the bathroom after he's done using them, and of course he smells amazing too! He says his skin feels so much better after using these products! He has given them ALL "two thumbs up"!

Buy It
The Cedarwood Body Kit and Holiday Shave kit are both available at Target stores and on Every Man Jack's website. Both sets are ONLY $9.99!!!! They are each a $22 value and sell for only $9.99!

Be sure to check out all of Every Man Jack's other products at Target or on their website as well! Pin It!


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