Is It To Much To Ask...

...To take just ONE bath by myself with no interruptions?

Yesterday(and for the past few days), I had a super busy day but I wanted so badly to get started reading Twilight(THANKS Not So Perfect) because my sister said something about going to see the movie this weekend.

I tell hubby that I'm going upstairs and I close our room AND bathroom door(just in case) and run a bath and even throw bubbles in it. YES, I KNOW Evan wasn't asleep yet, but mommy wanted to start her book! Not 5 minutes later, I hear Evan banging on the door going "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA"! SERIOUSLY Evan? We spend EVERY day, ALL day together and this is some time you could spend with Daddy!...GO PLAY WITH DADDY!

Hubby of course never comes to get Evan, so I go ahead and get out! So much for Mommy's nice relaxing bath! Usually, I just wait until he's in bed. LOL...I guess it's going to have to stay that way.

I was able to come downstairs and THEN Evan wanted to just lay with mommy, so he watched blues clues and Mommy started reading Twilight!

WOW, what an amazing book! I're all going "I told you so"! But it was...I'm on page 183 and can't wait to get back to it as soon as I'm done posting this! It will be finished today!

I am happy to read anything, I just love to read. BUT, I am so happy that I am reading this. This book just takes you away and you're totally absorbed into their world! There are NO stupid descriptions where the writer goes on for PAGES about randomness. This WHOLE book(up to page 183 at least) is ONLY things you NEED to know! I have become very good at just skimming over random details that aren't necessary to a book...but there is NO skimming with this book! This writer is AMAZING!

For those of you that haven't read it and are Twilight slackers like I am, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Seriously, I promise its a good read! Pin It!


A.V.A said...

Store.Of.My.LIFE! Having 3 kids = no alone time, LOL. There are times when DH will force me to go take a bath and relax, or go lay in the bedroom and watch TV but really all I do is stress about how he's dealing with the kids so I'm not relaxing at all.

I probably won't read Twilight or go see the movie. ::ducks from objects being thrown at her:: I know I know, I'm just not into vampires. I've yet to see a vampire movie I love or even like. :-/

The Heckathorns said...

HAHA! Well, in this house, even if the kids are asleep, i've got cats that won't leave me alone! (to the point that one of my cats has to sit at the tub while i'm in there...and he meows at me as if he's talking. crazy! he's even fallen into the tub b/c he thought he would make it over me...I almost had a dead cat. HAHA!) There is no quiet time for me either. :( I just ordered my Twilight book and should get it by tomorrow...i'm excited to read it! So many good reviews from everyone! :)

Just Jenn said...

I told you so!!!!! Its like being a 16 year old school girl, or for me it was at least, being in love with THAT guy! Just wait until you get to the 4th book. Happy Reading!

Oh and I dont get showers by my self very often I did this morning but its a rare occurance.

Betsy said...

Well mine is only 3, but I can tell you she doesn't stop doing that. Now since she's in the big girl bed she is even worse. We can put her to bed and she sits there and cries when the water comes on! UGH!

And I totally know about the Twilight books. I just finished #3. :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh I know - I don't think I've entered the bathroom and been able to stay in there alone in months now. Definitely one thing I wasn't expecting would happen when I started staying home during the day!

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