ImagiPLAY Puzzle Review

When I was sent the Cow & Calf wooden puzzle from ImagiPLAY, I couldn't wait to play with it! I have seen these puzzles before and I think they are absolutely adorable! What do you think?

About ImagiPlay:
ImagiPLAY has been creating SAFE educational toys for over a decade! With them standing behind a motto like "Toys With Integrity", you expect great toys! Every toy is produced from eco-friendly materials so parents can rest assure that their child is safe with these toys. ImagiPLAY inspires children to use their imagination and their sense of discovery! They also carry BABY toys, TODDLER toys, Colorific puzzles, Wooden Playsets, Puzzle Playsets, and room decor.

Natural Dream 3D Puzzles:
ImagiPlay carries a HUGE selection of beautiful, unpainted wooden puzzles. Each puzzle is made from managed forest Braswood and is 1 1/2" thick. They are each EXTEMELY detailed and well made! The different collections include the Asian Collection, Transportation, Holiday, Animal, and the ColorMeUp kits.

The Cow & Calf puzzle is intended for children 3 and up so I took it over to my mom's house so I could get my "special review team"(AKA my brother and sister) to play with it! The little girl that I keep is almost 3 and was not able to do this puzzle yet, though she did enjoy playing with the pieces and making her OWN Puzzle! However, the puzzle did it's job and created imaginative play!

My 11 year-old sister and her friend tried putting it together! LOL, it was a little difficult for them at first but they soon got the idea of it after looking at the picture!

They then got my 17 year-old brother to put it together to see if he could "beat their time"! They then went back and forth for a while Trying to "beat each other's time".

Our Thoughts:
I think that this puzzle is fun for WIDE variety of children! I think this puzzle is fun and safe for 3 year olds but a little difficult to put together for them. Some pieces would only go in if you put it through the back which is difficult for a 3 year old to understand. The horn of the calf DID break off during our review which isn't that big of a deal since it IS a puzzle, so now there is just one more piece. I was a little disappointed that it came off, though. My sister was putting it together when it came off and was not any harder on the puzzle than a preschooler would be! This puzzle is not only fun to play with, but it would also look super cute displayed in a child's room! Some of the more difficult 3D puzzles would even be great placed throughout a house!

Want It?
The Natural Dream 3D puzzles range from $11.99-$29.99. They can be purchased on the ImagiPLAY website or you can find a store near you. Pin It!


Betsy said...

Well thanks for the review... Not sure this would be an immediate investment for us, we are still working on the puzzles that have the frame! lol. That sucks it broke so soon though, you think it was something to do with the wood, or just the way it was made?

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