Day #2 With Christmas Of Dreams Blog Party

Yesterday I posted about Day #1 and introduced my family.

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The questions for Day Two is:

Traditions, what are some of your favorite family traditions? What are some that you want to begin?

We have MANY traditions. Some old, and some new.

1) Our newest tradition is to buy Christmas pjs for Evan to wear. As I was looking through old home videos, me and my siblings always had on random clothes. LOL..and I think Christmas pjs will make for cuter pictures and videos!

2) Our oldest tradition is having two of my aunts stay with my parents. They come in town a few days before Christmas and do it all with us. My mom has many siblings, but these two aunts aren't married and don't have kids. They are like our other moms!

3) Sunday after Thanksgiving is when we decorate our houses. We do my parent's house..and then come and do ours. My dad and I ALWAYS do the icicles on their house...even when I was pregnant...I got up on their roof and did it! (this is last year at my dad, bro, and hubby)


4) We go to the lights before Christmas at the zoo...usually 1-2 days before Christmas.


5) For the past 5-6 years, on Christmas eve we do fondue. We have steak, chicken, shrimp, and cauliflower. Then we do chocolate and dip everything from pineapples and blueberries to pound cake!

6) We all load up(usually in the back of a truck) and go look at Christmas lights on Christmas eve after the Christmas eve service at church.

7) We do Santa at my mom's house too. Last year was the first year with Evan, so we open presents here from Santa...then go to mom's house where Santa has left MORE presents!

8) We take a picture of all of us EVERY year in the same spot up the stairs.

9) We have always taken a picture with Santa, no matter how old we were. (this is from 2006-I was preggers at the time)

10) We make a BIG lunch with all sorts of goodies!

11) After lunch, we open up our presents from each other.

12) Christmas morning we go to my grandmothers for breakfast after we do Santa and open presents there and have breakfast.

I'm SURE that I'm forgetting some things that we do every year, but those are most of them!

For more traditions...go back to Mom Dot Pin It!


Staci said...

What wonderful traditions! I would love to take my son to see lights at a zoo, but we don't have any nearby. It sounds like fun!

Shelley said...

I love looking at Christmas lights! The more blogs I visit the more traditions I think of that I didn't include in my own post!

The Party of Five said...

We do the zoo lights thing as well.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful traditions. I love the idea of Christmas pjs. Cute! We also love taking photos at the same spot in the house. We just got a fondue set and it will be perfect for the holiday season.

We have noche buena (christmas eve dinner) at my in-laws then we have our kris kringle. When we get home, we open the gifts under the tree. On Christmas day we usually have lunch at home then we visit family and friends.

Lilith Silvermane said...

You have a TON of Christmas traditions. How sweet it is to have family so close! Wonderful memories for the little man!

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