Christmas Lights? Serioiusly?

I live in a relatively small town with two main roads. Halloween night we were driving back to our house from my moms house(about 20 min away) and there were christmas lights! SERIOUSLY!!! HALLOWEEN NIGHT!

On those two main roads in our town there are these big snowflakes or candles on most of the light posts and they were ALL lit up! I thought MAYBE It was a fluke or some prank or something. BUT they were all lit up for the past two nights! I mean seeing them makes me all happy b/c I LOVE Christmas...but I think HALLOWEEN night is a BIT too soon to have them all lit up.

So I guess from now until christmas there will be christmas lights up at night on our light poles!

Are there any signs of Christmas decorations outside where you live? Pin It!


The Mom said...

BLUSH, we have ours up all year, but never on until mid-November or so!!

All the stores around here have Xmas stuff out and it's giving me anxiety!

Betsy said...

Not outside, but I work at walmart and they are getting all in the spirit with the decor and even stupid christmas music. (Can I mention now how much I am tired of it, working five years now, UGH) But yeah, seems a little early.

Lisa, Matt and Allison said...

LMBO, great minds must think alike. I complain about music, and you go on about lights. Oh well, maybe one year people will get back into the Christmas spirit at Christmas time. We can dream, right?

Lisa, Matt and Allison said...

Here you go Dee...I am commenting. LOL

jules said...

Other countries that don't have Thanksgiving decorate about 2months eary for Christmas. I learned this from an exchange student we hosted. I can't even imagine no Thanksgiving.

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