Uber Amazing blog award!

I want to thank Amy for my new award! Go check out her blog so you can see how amazing she is! I'm so excited to get another one! Want to see how pretty my uber amazing blog award is?

Here it is...

I'm going to pass this on to Mama of Romance AND Robin! If you have time, go check out their blogs and tell them I said HEY!!!! Pin It!


happyathome said...

Wow.......this is my first award and I am completely surprised....speachless and thankful! Cheers to you for giving me this award, I will be displaying it on my blog today, after I run out and get the tires put on my car, visit my mom, get sworn in for tomorrows election and knit class tonight, ACK! I just wanted to pop over and thank you!!!!! Cheers again!

Mama of Romance said...

Thank you so much Dee!! That means so much from you. I've been so busy the past week, sorry I didn't get here sooner to thank you. I will post about it asap. Thanks again, you made my day ;)

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