Summer infant 7" flat screen video monitor


I decided to purchase the Summer infant 7" flat screen video monitor
after hearing my one year old moving around way too much. I wanted to be able to see him to know if I needed to go in his room, or if I could leave him alone.
The two year old that I keep had to stay with me for a week while her parents went to California, and they brought their summer handheld monitor. I was able to try it out for a week and fell in love with it. My only problem with the handheld version is I wear contacts, so at night I usually don't have them in. That is a SMALL screen to look at without contacts! But the compact size is great for not taking up as much room! This is the handheld version.

After much debate, I went with the 7 inch flat screen and read as many reviews as possible about it. Some people said theirs interfered with their telephone or other electronic devises. Some even said theirs didn't work if the baby is upstairs and they are downstairs. I was apprehensive to spend so much money on something that may not work, but I needed one.

-This monitor is night and day. During the day, the picture is in color and at night it is in black and white.
-The picture quality is WONDERFUL!
-not only can you HEAR your baby, but you can see your baby. You don't have to make as many trips into their room!
-you can view up to two children with the purchase of another camera.
-large screen so you can easily see everything your baby is doing. You can even watch him/her breath! The large screen also makes it where you can look from accross the room and STILL see exactly what your baby is doing.
-It comes with a bracket so you can easily attach it under a cabinet in your kitchen while cooking.
-You can do video only OR sound only.
-It has a little lip on the back of it so you can use that has a "carrying handle".
-You COULD leave it on during the day and turn it around so if they're playing in their room you can see them.

-The sound option is WAY too loud!
-Not as easy to carry around as the handheld version.

I have had it for over a month now and I love having peace of mind with seeing him! I wish i would have had this when he was a newborn and I was sneaking into his room a million times a night to make sure he was breathing.
My ONLY problem is the sound is way too loud! Even at the lowest volume option, I jump up if he even moves a little. I have to use another model that is sound only to hear him so I can turn it down. Unless you are a very hard sleeper, you wont be able to use the sound feature while you are sleeping.
I have used this monitor both upstairs and downstairs and it works no matter where I am. I have had no problem with interference from my phone or TV.
With the next baby, all I have to do is buy another camera and can switch Evan's camera to "A" and the baby's to "B" so that i can monitor both kids! Pin It!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Great review! I wish we'd had a video monitor when our kids were babies, but could never justify the cost. This one sounds like a great option though! :)

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