Staying In Touch

We recently got a Philips Webcam and I love it! I bought one for my aunt as well and we started using it last week. We use Yahoo messenger which is SUPER easy and fast to download! She lives two states away from me now, but is like another mom! I wanted Evan to be able to know and recognize her when he sees her every time!
A friend of mine has a different webcam and hers is always dark and very grainy when we use it, but the picture on ours is GREAT! It also comes with a little microphone so we can chat with my aunt AND see her as much as we want to!
I wish we would have bought these sooner! If you have family or friends that don't live close and you want to be able to see and talk to them more, I strongly suggest this Philips webcam. Pin It!


Patrice said...

I love web-chatting! Since coming to college, I web chat with my best friend like everyday! It's awesome! It's amazing to be able to see someone whose in a completely different state! I will have to suggest the Philips webcam to my friends who don't already have one!

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