Gas Guzzler

Gas is crazy! I think its FINALLY going down but for some reason, gas went WAY up here after Ike! It went over 4 dollars a gallon! Yesterday I got gas and it was $3.59 a gallon, which is the lowest it has been in weeks. In my car its OK because I get 32-25 mpg and being a SAHM, I don't go too many places.
That is NOT the case with my hubby, though! His truck runs through gas like there is no tomorrow. His lovely truck only gets about 10 mpg and he has a 30 minute or so trip to work everyday! AHHH..isn't that insane?!?!
I've finally talked him into buying a REALLY cheap, small, used car JUST to drive from work and back. He calculated it and it would save us 2,000 dollars or so a year! We're having no luck this week, everything that we've looked at has been total junk! But we've bought cheap, used cars before and I have confidence we'll find one soon! Wish us luck! Pin It!


Elle Bee said...

I know it's not a truck, but if you can find a used Honda, you just can't beat it on gas and maintenance.

Dee said...


Penelope said...

These are issues hubby and I are facing right now too.


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